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Machinery industry precision manufacturing (South China) vocational education group was established

information times (Huang Yan (1) according to the technical requirements of springs, correspondent sundechang) on December 27, the machinery industry precision manufacturing (South China) vocational education group was officially inaugurated and established in Guangzhou electromechanical technician college. The group includes 27 technical colleges and 35 enterprises. In the future, it will jointly formulate talent training standards, develop curriculum and textbooks, and create "order type" talents

it is understood that as early as 2014, the State Council issued relevant opinions, requiring the key technical colleges and leading enterprises to give full play to their leading role, promote the large-scale development of vocational education, and improve the teaching quality and school efficiency through the establishment of technical education groups, high skilled talents and other training modes

at the ceremony, the deputy director general of the Department of human resources and social security of Guangdong Province also saved energy; At the same time, yanghongshan introduced that last year, the Provincial Department organized the establishment of Guangdong high skilled talent training alliance, which is composed of 38 technical colleges and universities in the province, 14 representative industry associations, and 18 international and domestic well-known enterprises. Over the past year, a talent resource agglomeration and optimization mechanism has been preliminarily established for both schools and enterprises, which has improved the matching degree of the supply side of skilled talent training and the industrial demand side in terms of structure, quality and level, and comprehensively improved the quality of human resource output of alliance colleges and Universities

browsing found that among the members of the Vocational Education Group established this time, there are many big names such as Midea, Hitachi Elevator, Guangdong Machinery Research Institute and so on. The articles of association of the group states that in the future, the members of the group will share all kinds of educational resources such as teachers and lesson plans, actively carry out the pilot of "apprenticeship system", and explore the order training mode of "one testing personnel for many". In addition, colleges and member enterprises will also carry out new product research and development, technology research and other projects

"in vocational education, the integration of industry and education is the core issue. The establishment of the group will promote the development of manufacturing scientists in South China to try to use" light pressure "to provide power." Fangzhikai, deputy director of the machinery industry education development center, revealed that the schools and enterprises in the group will give full play to their respective advantages, formulate talent training standards from the needs of enterprises, and build teaching resources such as courses, textbooks, majors, etc., which will break the current talent training mode of "setting standards from schools". In addition, the members of the group, both schools and enterprises, will have more priority in employment

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