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Intumescent fire retardant coating obtained national patent

intumescent fire retardant coating obtained national patent

June 30, 2004

the intumescent fire retardant coating developed by the Research Institute of marine chemical industry has passed the examination of the State Intellectual Property Office and obtained an invention patent. The ultra-thin fireproof coating has a coating thickness of 1mm and a fire resistance limit of 1 hour. It is suitable for the fireproof coating of indoor steel structures, as well as the fireproof coating of wood substrates, cables, etc

the intumescent fire retardant coating disclosed by the invention includes acrylic resin, catalyst, charring agent, foaming agent, flame retardant, reinforcing agent, pigments and fillers, additives, smoke inhibitors and other components, and the related industries of modifying acrylic resin with low carbon and energy saving have also become a hot topic in the rubber and plastic industry. The surface treatment of catalyst and the addition of smoke inhibitors improve the comprehensive performance of the coating. When the coating film is heated and expanded, it forms a carbonized layer of non flammable three-dimensional space structure, which isolates the heat of the flame and reduces the conduction to the substrate. At the same time, at high temperature, the coating decomposes non combustible gas in April to isolate and dilute the air to prevent the flame from expanding and spreading

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