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Introduce several anti-counterfeiting methods of silk printing (II)

III. anti counterfeiting printing process

with the development of high technology and people's demand for high quality packaging prints, which is the problem of these accessories, the packaging industry has carried out technological innovation in recent years. Multicolor offset printing machine, printing machine and other printing equipment are used together. The mutual penetration of various printing processes makes printing products more unpredictable and colorful

1. offset printing, printing combination printing

the design of high-grade packaging printing materials has large areas of color blocks, continuous tones of multi-color sequence, complex lines, patterns, etc., and a single printing has brought certain difficulties. If offset printing and printing are combined, it is the best. The printing is characterized by thick and uniform ink color. It is best to print a large area of field color blocks. The offset printing machine is characterized by flat pressure, which is most suitable for printing four-color eyes and complex lines. In this way, the role of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses is very obvious. For some demanding and complex prints, offset printing, embossing, printing and other multi process combination printing can also be used. In short, the more complex the printing process is, the more difficult the printing is, and the better the anti-counterfeiting effect will be

2. Transition color printing

transition color printing is also called cross color printing. According to the requirements, the printing plate can be filled with inks of various colors, and then printed on the substrate after some inks are mixed under the action of the scraper. It can print a variety of colors at one time, and the intermediate transition layer is soft, which can play an anti-counterfeiting role. If this technology is used on a large area of shading, its anti-counterfeiting effect will be more prominent

3. Special gloss anti-counterfeiting printing

special gloss printing is a popular new printing technology in the packaging and printing industry in recent years. Special gloss refers to the surface gloss effect of printed matter printed by this process, which is different from that reflected by ordinary ink or printing paper. The printing process mainly includes: metal gloss printing, pearlescent printing, refractive printing, fluorescent printing, variable gloss printing, laser holographic iris printing, Crystal Gloss printing, the average plastic consumption of imitation metal etching automobile will reach 500kg/vehicle engraving printing and matte printing, etc. The characteristics of these special gloss printing processes are that the printed packages are colorful, resplendent, colorful and unpredictable. They not only improve the grade of goods, increase the added value of goods, and enrich the diversity of packaged products, but also have certain particularity and secrecy, so they also have a relatively safe anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, most of the above processes use the plate printing process

4. laser holographic iris printing

laser holographic iris printing uses laser holography to make a template in the shockproof room and transfer it to a carrier through a certain pressure. Under the irradiation of 45 light source, the product can produce a unique effect of colorful and seven rainbow shapes and a three-dimensional image with a strong sense of three-dimensional. "Lu Jun said that the image is deeply favored by consumers. At present, cold press coating and hot stamping film direct hot stamping are used for printing. Its technology is complex and difficult, and its anti-counterfeiting effect is excellent

IV. anti counterfeiting of printing paper

watermark paper is preferred for anti-counterfeiting paper printing. Watermark paper is the use of technical means to make the required marks and patterns in the paper during the manufacturing process. For example, embedding metal wires in paper is called safety wire. European laws force the use of standardized charging ports, which are not easy to see under normal circumstances, and can be seen only when transmitted against strong light. China's RMB is mostly printed on watermark paper. Now, a special ink anti watermark marking ink is used in anti-counterfeiting printing, which is printed on ordinary coated paper. The watermark effect is vivid, and it is mainly used in wine packaging

v. substrate for anti-counterfeiting printing

with the rapid development of high technology, papermaking technology is also developing. The produced materials can reflect various colors of pearlescent paper, laser film paper, laser water washing paper, water washing light silver dragon, water washing silver dragon and other special anti-counterfeiting papers under different light. These substrates are the best and most ideal anti-counterfeiting printing materials in our anti-counterfeiting printing

with the continuous development of the times and the progress of science and technology, we believe that anti-counterfeiting printing, a high-tech process, will play an increasingly important role

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