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How about introducing Pico little monster VR all-in-one machine? How about playing games? Use evaluation

Pico little monster VR all-in-one machine is a popular brand in the domestic VR market. Let's take a look at pico little monster VR all-in-one machine company introduction, popular models and user experience for friends who need to choose and refer to

I. about Pico monster v8 Displacement speed control accuracy: ± 1% R brand introduction of all-in-one machine:

Beijing bird look Technology Co., Ltd., also known as Pico, now has a team of more than 300 people, with R & D centers and regional branches in Beijing, Qingdao, Japan and North America, and offline sales channels covering seven regions and more than 40 domestic cities. Our team is continuously committed to virtual reality technology, product and interactive technology R & D and design, market and developer development, product and content support, VR large-scale industry applications and customer service. JD Pico official self operated store "6. Large gap between force measuring piston and force measuring cylinder"

Pico has now included 110 authorized patents, covering VR core technology fields such as image, acoustics, optics, hardware and structure design, bottom layer optimization of operating system, spatial positioning and motion tracking. Tmall Pico flagship store

Pico monster VR all-in-one machine

II. Pico monster VR all-in-one machine hot selling model and quotation:

1. Pico Neo 2-HEAD 6DOF VR all-in-one machine

reference price: ¥ 4399.00 (check JD. Com's latest activity quotation)

performance comments: Pico Neo brings head and hands position tracking to VR all-in-one machine for the first time, and on neo2, we use technological innovation, Once again, it brings leapfrog experience improvement to mobile VR games. Neo2 has more accurate spatial positioning effect than the previous generation, more perfect system software, and more abundant 6DOF games and application resources. The internal and external spatial positioning method can realize the whole house level tracking without dead corners

pico Neo 2

2, Pico G2 4k

reference price: ¥ 2499 00 (see tmall activity quotation)

performance comments: Pico little monster 2 4K VR all-in-one machine brings the highly praised G series into the 4K era, with 80% resolution improvement, 33% pixel density improvement, as well as the same strong performance and lightweight wear, so that you can see more clearly and play more selfless

pico G2 4k

3. Little monster 2 VR all-in-one machine

reference price: ¥ 2199.00 (check JD. Com's latest activity quotation)

performance comments: we will build little monster 2 into a VR all-in-one machine more suitable for movie viewing. It has a 3K ultra clear screen, 3DOF hand somatosensory control, massive scalable storage, and a lasting endurance of more than three hours, The new rear battery design makes the little monster 2 more lightweight and comfortable than ever before. Watch a movie, catch up with several episodes of American dramas, or watch a popular variety show while chatting with friends in an interactive cinema. Little monster 2 makes you full of expectations every day

little monster 2 VR all-in-one machine

III. user experience of Pico little monster VR all-in-one machine:

how long is it compared with the previous generation, the clarity is greatly improved, and the workmanship is all the way good. Comfortable to wear without feeling dizzy at all. It's not so difficult to operate. It's easy to get started. When I got it, I couldn't wait to see the movie. I was amazed. It's as clear as watching a giant screen in the cinema, and I have a strong sense of substitution! It also added a multi person Cinema mode, which suddenly improved the fun a lot. It's cool to play games, and I feel like I'm integrated with the game. China's VR company is strong. Beijing, China looks for Pico, and when you meet a man with Pico VR, get married quickly.

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