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Introduce Siemens washing machine WM, WD, silver series which model is good? What's the difference

Siemens washing machines WM, WD and silver series washing machines are not accurate. They are mainly divided into three categories: those with display screens, those without display screens, and those with drying functions. Only with good quality and high precision can we detect good products! How can I buy something that can deal with inspection; Among them, WM is a normal model, WD is a model with drying, domestic clothes dryers start with WD, D stands for dry, sliver is silver, with the same function, and environmental protection is the innovation direction of polyurethane materials, which is about 400 yuan more expensive than white. WM is a white washing machine, which is ordinary and usually cheaper

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II. Siemens' top selling model wm12n2e80w quotation and comments in previous years:

1. Reference price: ¥ 3399.00 (view activity quotation)

2. User comments: appearance and material: it looks very atmospheric. The Siemens washing machine used originally is decisive this time, taking advantage of double 11. Capacity: 8.5, enough for household use. Laundry effect: I tried it when installing it, but I haven't really used it yet. Mute effect in the previous medical market: when trying, I didn't feel it. I hope it will be muted when it is really used

III. summary of the differences between various models of Siemens washing machines:

generally speaking, the difference between WM, WD, silver series of Siemens washing machines is the appearance color, with drying, and whether it is different from the display screen. There is little difference in function. You can choose it according to your own needs

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