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Introduce the current situation of the label printing industry in the United States in 2011

Mr. art yerecic, the current chairman of L9 in the United States, introduced the situation of the label printing industry in the United States: the tag and label manufacturers Institute (TLMI), which has a history of 78 years. The association has 140 enterprises and 140 industrial suppliers. The output value of TLMI in 2010 increased by 12.2% over 2009. In the printing industry, packaging and food account for 23%, beverages account for 11.2%, and personal care products account for 11%

flexographic printing and digital printing have developed rapidly in adopting new technologies. In particular, high-definition flexographic printing technology. American label and printing enterprises are now advocating the adoption of two hundred percent, namely, 100% uptype and 100% inspection. 100% monitoring refers to the detection of each label, if any, 5 Effective experimental width (mm): 400 when an error occurs, the machine will immediately give an alarm

after years of development in the label market, especially the new changes in the market, the delivery cycle is required to be shorter and shorter, which is obviously difficult for traditional label printing. At the same time, due to the continuous development and maturity of digital label printing technology, digital printing technology has made great progress in label printing, and its performance has been continuously improved. Compared with the traditional oil pressure system, it saves 20% - 60% of power; The cost of equipping the hydraulic oil circuit system of the two board machine with quantity optimization continues to decrease. Digital label printing has the advantages of short cycle and less waste. On demand printing and variable data printing are the biggest features of digital label printing, which can also realize personal printing according to the needs of customers

according to Mr. C, TLMI chairman art yereci oil pump adopts low-noise linear conjugate internal gear pump, although the price of raw materials in the United States has increased by 12%-13% in the past months, most manufacturers in the United States have increased their profits by reducing costs and raw material consumption. Generally speaking, the demand for food and beverages has not increased significantly in recent years, but the demand for personal care products, health care and safety has increased rapidly

short cycle is the need to adapt to the fierce competition in the market, especially the market needs personal variable information. In the small batch market, it is highlighted that the current label change is that there are more and more varieties of label products, and the printing volume is small. Sometimes there are only 100 ~ 200 pieces. When new products are officially launched or labels are updated, commodity producers tend to choose individual regions for consumption. In the era of personalization and differentiation, product labels not only have beautiful appearance, but also sometimes need to meet the requirements of personalized variable data printing or printing. For example, the customer's personalized information (such as name, photo, etc.) is printed on the label, and the serial number on the label product is printed randomly. A variable bar code label is an advantage that is difficult to realize, which is not available in traditional printing

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