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Introduce Midea mopping robot M7 young, M7 max, m7pro which model is good? Is there a big difference

compared with M7 young, M7 Max and m7pro, the three types of Midea sweeping robot have the main differences. First, there are some differences in functions. The M7 Max and m7pro of Midea have the function of strong shock sweeping, while the M7 young of Midea sweeping robot does not; Second, the appearance and price are different. Midea's good location sweeper is more cost-effective in the special plan successively released by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and other national ministries and commissions. The appearance of M7 young is white, and the other two models are black. My home started with this beautiful sweeping robot M7 max. it has been received for a few days, and it still takes some thought to make good use of it. Because it is usually busy, I didn't take it out for trial until today, The appearance design is quite good, the sound is not acceptable, the line is being planned, the cleaning and dust collection effect is good, and the vibration mop is also very clean, which is worth starting

regular users of Midea M7 Max comment to see if there are many faults

zhuanmei M7 young jingdongyou commented, how about sweeping the floor

turn to M7 Max friends of the United States to evaluate. Is the floor clean

I. Midea sweeping robot M7 young quotation and user comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 1799.00 (check activity quotation)

2. User comments: Intelligence: very smart and excellent. If you plan the route by yourself, the stiffness of the whole machine will change greatly. Sensitivity: very high sensitivity, can avoid obstacles

noise level: just right, acceptable

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