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Introduce the parameter configuration and function evaluation of Hisense 80l5d laser TV. A certain East starts to feel that this Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K AI intelligent laser TV is recommended by the evaluation article. Later, a certain East planted this TV and has used it for a period of time. Share the experience of use evaluation:

I. the real use evaluation of Hisense 80l5d laser TV:

this TV feels good at the first sight of arrival, Laser TVs are easy to use, with clear picture quality, fast delivery, and good after-sales service. Laser TV is bright enough, not harmful to the eyes, the future trend! The remote control is very textured, charging, and voice control is super convenient. It's easy to listen to songs when you say you listen to them, and it's also convenient to change channels. Harman Caton's subwoofer is also awesome! On the whole, I'm satisfied, tall

Hisense 80l5d laser TV more users comment on the advantages and disadvantages details ", I hope it can be used as a reference for later friends

II. Price of Hisense 80l5d laser TV:

[JD] Hisense 80l5d 80 inch 4K AI intelligent laser TV 1. FRP tensile testing machine is applicable to metals, adhesives, pipes, profiles, aerospace, petrochemical, waterproof coiled materials, wires and cables, textiles, fibers, rubber, ceramics, food, pharmaceutical packaging, geotextiles, films, wood Paper and other manufacturing industries and product quality supervision departments at all levels Harman Caton customized audio 3+64gb super memory health eye care (silver) [Hisense Carnival purchase] orders immediately reduced 50021499 yuan for rush purchase


JD price: ¥ 21999 Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute 00

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III. detailed configuration of Hisense 80l5d laser TV:

manufacturing specification: the microcomputer controlled change experimental machine is implemented according to the technical conditions of jbt9370 (1) 999 change experimental machine and the verification regulation of JJG 269 (2) 006 change experimental machine. It is an indispensable important testing instrument. Manufacturing

time of market:

IV Hisense 80l5d laser TV features:

Hisense 80l5d laser TV realizes 113% ultra-high color gamut through three-dimensional color restoration technology, sees richer colors, and restores natural and real pictures. In addition, the machine adopts intelligent chip and anti direct light sensor to automatically sense the distance of objects, 0 The brightness is automatically reduced within meters, and the power is automatically turned off when looking directly at it for 5 seconds, so as to protect the eyes of family members

in terms of sound quality, Hisense 80l5d laser TV adopts Harman Caton customized subwoofer to restore every detail of the sound, which can be presented delicately whether it is singing softly or passionate. Coupled with the array surround sound, through Dolby panoramic sound, we can realize three-dimensional surround in space and real listening sense at the scene level

in terms of appearance, Hisense 80l5d laser TV adopts piano black paint baking process, combined with Caesar silver bright light color, so that the texture fills life. Msd6a838 chip is used in the configuration, up to max1.7ghz main frequency, and equipped with 3+64gb super large storage to ensure high-speed and smooth operation, so that users can download rich applications freely

moreover, Hisense 80l5d laser TV is also equipped with vidaa ai artificial intelligence system, which has deep voice interaction and image recognition. Juxiang is equipped with rich content resources to enjoy film and television, education, games, applications and other sectors, and meet all the content needs of users. The smart voice class realizes full scene in-depth interaction, 40 + kinds of life services are easily adjusted, and rich resources. If you want to see it, you can say it directly

five summary:

Hisense 80l5d laser TV can also realize the one click screenshot of the whole scene, identify the contents of eight vertical classification encyclopedias, and can also recommend movies and TV around stars. For the same item, scan the code to save the image. At present, the price of this product in is 21999 yuan. Friends who like large screens should not miss it. Refer to the latest activity quotation of

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