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Introduce the configuration parameters, functional features and advantages and disadvantages evaluation of the Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s at first.

this Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s is a new product in 2019. It is recommended by gourmet experts, and this Jiuyang wall breaking machine y925s is planted behind it. After using it for a period of time, I think this wall breaking machine is very convenient, the particles are very fine, and it is good to heat and break to make cereal drinks, but it is warm to make fruit juice, Overall, it's good. The only disadvantage is that the machine is very loud Friends in need, please click here to view more details of evaluation of advantages and disadvantages,

details of activity quotation,

price on hand ¥ 599.00

II. Functional features of Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s:

Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s heating evenly without sticking the bottom, cold, hot cooking, milling can be used, one machine can reach 8 with gb/t 228 ⑵ 002 metal material room temperature tensile test method, intelligent touch, simple operation! The fighter in the wall breaker [endorsed by Deng Lun, three cups of vacuum wall breaker] is heated evenly and does not paste the bottom. Cold, hot cooking and milling can be used. One machine is worth 8. Intelligent touch and simple operation! A fighter in a wall breaker

III Price quotation of Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s:

Jiuyang new vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s household small automatic official flagship store official authentic products

[at selling price] 999.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 689.00 yuan


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IV. Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s configuration:

v. Jiuyang vacuum wall breaking cooking machine y925s user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. I can't wait to test grind Soybean milk. The taste of soybean milk is very delicate. The child even asked me if I put walnuts in it? How does it taste so good? I'm still very satisfied. It's just that the sound is a little loud. It's acceptable. I cleaned it. Trust Jiuyang brand

2. A set of great things. The designers of Zhongchuang experimental machine manufacturer can make special designs according to the situation. The material of the product is very satisfactory. The glass of the host is absolutely thick and can produce high-purity aluminum and alloy products with purity of 99.95%~99.9995%. The equipment and technology have reached the international leading level, and the operation method is very convenient. Children like it very much

3. In order to have a high-quality breakfast and also to be lazy, I chose this machine without hesitation. It's really good. I'm very satisfied that the juice squeezed is delicious and washed very clean. The child is going to junior high school soon. He is going to make rice paste and soybean milk by himself every morning, together with the staple food. It is very convenient to have nutrition without cleaning by himself

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