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Introduce the gas water heater jsq28

the difference between the two gas water heaters jsq28-t6 and jsq30-t6 is that the appearance color is different from the time of launch. The appearance color of jsq28-t6 is star grey, which was launched on the carbon fiber body in July 2019, and the appearance color of jsq30-t6 is light grey, which was launched in May 2019; Second, the water heater is upgraded differently. Jsq28-t6 is 14L and jsq30-t6 is 16L. Other functions and configurations are the same. You can choose according to your family needs

details of user comments on the advantages and disadvantages of Wanjiale jsq28-t6>

details of comments on the latest quotation of Wanjiale J with 8 terminal boxes and 1 plug-in sq30-t6>

Wanjiale gas water heater jsq28-t6

Wanjiale gas water heater jsq30-t inspection control cabinet meter left oil window 6

II The design of Wanjiale jsq28-tgriovryht2vs-hh series products is based on the stability that the continuously rising temperature can maintain the strength for a long time. 6 Comparison of quotation and comments with jsq30-t6:

1, Wanjiale jsq28-t6

reference price: ¥ 2998.00

user comments: it's OK to install a multi star period. There is no sound, and the water temperature control is also very good. I hope it can be used for a long time

2、 Wanjiale jsq30-t6

reference price: ¥ 2998.00

user comments: appearance material: appearance atmospheric deep space gray material superior capacity size: 16L is enough for five of us to use, very good, and the hot water is much faster than the previous water storage heater. It used to take 30 seconds to produce hot water, and now there is basically hot water to the bathroom around 10. Power consumption: just installed, I don't know how to mute temporarily: except when the ignition is a little The sound is almost inaudible when it is running

III. summary:

the main differences between Wanjiale jsq28-t6 and jsq30-t6 water heaters are the time of launch, appearance color, different from the water heater elevation, and the function is the same. You can choose them according to your likes and needs Tmall more popular Wanjiale water heater model recommendations