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Invensys SCADA provides new functionality, flexibility and security for remote operation

Invensys infusion SCADA 2.0 provides new functionality, flexibility and security for remote operation - a comprehensive solution with RTU for oil and gas, water supply and drainage applications

first affects the oil pipe connection of Afterburner and force measuring part November 17, 2009, Shanghai, China - dedicated to the technical system of process and manufacturing industry Invensys operations management (IOM), the world's leading provider of software solutions and consulting services, today announced the launch of the fusion SCADA 2.0 software system, which, together with Foxboro scd2100 and scd2200 remote terminal units, has become one of the most powerful, functional and perfect data acquisition and monitoring systems (SCADA) for oil and gas and water supply and drainage applications

scada system technology is applied to optimize real-time monitoring, data acquisition, communication and control of industrial operations distributed in different regions, especially in those areas where data acquisition and transmission may be accidentally disturbed. The products and services provided by Invensys extract the company's fine tradition of more than 40 years in SCADA, including the most advanced integration, interface and control technology capabilities in the industry

Chris Smith, SCADA product manager of Invensys operation management (IOM), said, "strong and reliable monitoring of remote operation means that great savings can be achieved in reducing downtime, efficient maintenance and improving security. At the same time, cost-effective configuration, integration and upgrading capabilities also represent further savings. Today, we launch the new SCADA system software and remote terminal unit (RTU) It can provide the industry with unprecedented network SCADA monitoring and management capabilities and maintainability. At the same time, it also provides simpler interaction and easier management for today's rapidly growing SCADA project implementation. "

infusion SCADA 2.0 software component package enables SCADA developers to create reusable objects and templates, as well as manage HMI display performance, data quality, equipment maintenance marks, and other functions necessary to quickly build powerful and easy-to-use SCADA applications. The system also stores program components in the central repository for remote deployment of windows based networking devices. Therefore, the engineers of end users can extract program components from the central repository and use them to build future applications, so as to strengthen standardization, save application knowledge and reduce overall engineering investment. The system manager can also transmit changes to multiple computers, which can be achieved with the click of a mouse, thus reducing the cost of travel and SCADA network troubleshooting. As a support for the user engineering team, the infusion SCADA device relationship management software tool can provide secure, Invensys based remote support for any installed system. Any changes or performance problems can be monitored and quickly diagnosed by authorized Invensys expertise, thus bringing greater confidence to users

the new scd2100 and scd2200 remote terminal units (RTUs) provide an advanced and integrated operating environment for operations in the field of control and monitoring, and collect real-time data for viewing through the fusion 2.0 window, or integration with process control, or other enterprise applications. Both RTUs support a wide range of input/output (i/o) configurations and device integration, including support for HART protocol. They also support the pre programming of function blocks that comply with isagraf iec-61131 and IEC 61499 standards, so that they can provide faster processing and sorting capabilities than traditional RTUs that are converted into programming languages while running. This provides better unattended operation for more field automation applications. These two RTUs also include function blocks for computing authentication in the oil and gas industry, and can be connected through tcp/ip and wireless

scd2200 RTU is a larger module station for more complex applications, such as those requiring central workstations and redundant programs, such as the monitoring of upstream oil and gas wells, condensate gas, oil and gas transportation equipment and pipelines, and the control of high-level wells. It is also suitable for large facility applications. Scd2100 RTU is more compact, especially suitable for very low-power operation in oil and gas and water supply and drainage fields. The low-power scd2100 unit has also been certified for explosive atmospheres

the capabilities and diversity provided by these new SCADA products and services will help managers have greater flexibility in choosing strategies and teams to deal with remote site problems. Advanced programming and interface components enable business optimization to be achieved through the integration with advanced applications, which can provide scenarios, real-time or historical data consolidation and analysis, and enterprise operation reports. Erdenebulgan Oyun, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of mining of Mongolia, is also quoted as saying that business data integration, such as engineering, maintenance, finance, marketing and field management. It also provides powerful industry-specific system solutions with industry applications, such as Wonderware water supply and drainage industry package, which is also a traditional modified general principle system solution, as well as industry-specific system solutions with other Invensys automation products, including SIMSCI esscor simulation software, Foxboro distributed control system, Triconex key safety system and avantis enterprise asset management software

infusion SCADA 2.0 software components and Foxboro scd2100 and Foxboro scd2200 will be applied in January, 2010. Representatives from Invensys operations management will show and demonstrate the performance of the new SCADA system at Invensys opsmanage '09 conference held in Anaheim, California, on November 3-5, 2009

for more information about the software components of infusion SCADA 2.0 and Foxboro scd2100 and Foxboro scd2200, please send an email to the cryogenic tank, which is relative to the impact testing machine

Invensys opsmanage '09 conference will also be held on November 17, 2009 in Shanghai, China, November 18-19 in Seoul, South Korea, and December 8 in Mumbai, India. If you want to attend the meeting, please register on

about Invensys operations management (IOM)

Invensys operations management (IOM) is a business unit of Invensys group and a leading provider of automation and information technology, systems, software solutions, services and consulting services for the global manufacturing industry and infrastructure construction industry. Invensys operations management is headquartered in Plano, Texas, USA. its solutions are widely used by more than 40000 users worldwide in more than 200000 factories and institutions around the world

Invensys' operation and management services are provided by several famous brands in the industry, including action instruments, archestra, avantis, barber Colman, Chessell, Continental, EUROTHERM, Foxboro, imserv, fusion, SIMSCI esscor, Triconex and Wonderware. About 9000 employees of the company and its global partner ecosystem integrate these products and services to help users work together in real time across systems and enterprises, refine important data, and make faster and more correct decisions. At the same time, they will synchronize operations from the factory level to the management level, and unify production goals and business goals. For more information about Invensys operations management, please visit

Invensys group (), headquartered in London, is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange (Stock Code: isys.l). The group has about 20000 employees and business in 50 countries around the world

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