The most popular Qiqihar Green Expo opened 29 cate

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Qiqihar Green Expo opened 29 categories and 3000 varieties participated in the conference

Qiqihar Green Expo opened 29 categories and 3000 varieties participated in the conference

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28, the 14th China (Qiqihar Evergrande) Green Organic Food Expo was grandly opened in Qiqihar International Convention and exhibition center with a heavy harvest of fruits

the 13th consecutive Green Expo has become an important platform for displaying green organic food in Hecheng. This year, 460 green organic food booths and 20 agricultural science and Technology Expo booths were set up for the protection of machines. A total of 302 enterprises from 10 countries and regions, including the United States, Germany and Russia, and 24 provinces and cities, 29 categories and nearly 3000 varieties participated in the Green Expo. The agricultural machinery exhibition covers an area of 15000 square meters. There are five exhibition areas for large and medium-sized tractors, harvesters, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and other machinery. 174 enterprises from 6 countries and 18 provinces (cities) participated in the exhibition, 18 more than last year. John Deere and Keith of the United States, Yangma and Kubota of Japan, as well as large international enterprises such as Germany, Norway, France and South Korea and well-known domestic agricultural machinery enterprises brought 520 varieties of exhibits in 25 categories, All the machinery for the whole process mechanization of the main crops are available here. At the same time, this Green Expo also set up an outdoor exhibition area to increase the agricultural science and Technology Expo. Through the agricultural science and Technology Expo, agricultural machinery exhibition and green organic food exhibition, consumers can understand the whole process of the production and processing of green organic food from the field to the table

compared with previous expositions, this Expo presents three characteristics of "new, strict and comprehensive"

"new". The new fruit juice drinks of Zhengzhou nature company, the soilless bean sprout vegetables of Nanjing Lvguo Xinyuan, and the halal dumplings of Jinhong food company were first introduced to the exhibition this year. Local enterprises in Qiqihar are enthusiastic about participating in the exhibition. In addition to the active participation of old businessmen such as beidachang, Fuyu Laojiao and QianNeng liquor, new enterprises such as Guoao and Yuanzi also bring their products to the exhibition. At the same time, AGCO Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. of the United States brought large agricultural machinery and unique forage harvesting machinery, which made its debut at the modern agricultural machinery exhibition

"strict". In order to gradually improve the level of the Green Expo, Qiqihar strictly controls product access and pays attention to the selection of enterprises and products with high product popularity and good organic quality. Capital agricultural group, Jiangsu shangyidao Co., Ltd., Beijing Erguotou, Ningxia red group, Shandong Yuwang Industrial Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises took green organic food products to the exhibition

"all". There are green organic food exhibition area, modern agricultural machinery exhibition area and agricultural science and technology exhibition area in this Green Expo. A major feature of this exhibition is the establishment of an outdoor exhibition area for agricultural science and Technology Expo activities, which surpasses previous ones in terms of the model, content and level of electrolyte field. Through the three exhibition areas of green food exhibition, agricultural machinery exhibition and agricultural science and Technology Expo, the whole process of agricultural products from field to table will be comprehensively displayed. One highlight of the 14th Green Expo is that Evergrande group, a super large enterprise group listed in Hong Kong, mainly focusing on the people's livelihood housing industry and integrating commerce, hotel, sports, finance, music, health and cultural industries, has joined the company for the first time. At present, the group has successfully acquired Nehe Hongyuan oil company with a soybean processing capacity of 300000 tons and Yi'an Huanghuai oil company with a soybean processing capacity of 360000 tons, And reached an agreement on the new rice processing enterprise in Tailai County. It is estimated that in the future, we are currently investing in expanding the base's production capacity in grain and oil production, with an annual sales revenue of 30billion yuan. In the next step, they will continue to make in-depth docking with Qiqihar, seek cooperation in grain and oil, dairy, animal husbandry and other green food industries, and comprehensively enter the field of green organic food in Heilongjiang and Qiqihar

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