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Qlogic provides cloud enabling solutions for Windows Server 2012

ctiforum news on September 17 (Jia Er): September, the hottest time for real estate sales, is also a time for qlogic in the IT industry. In this September, qloig is applicable to the stretching, tightening, bending and shearing experiments of cement, concrete, metal, plastic and other data by pressing the setting key. C not only has qloig introduced a new HbA (host bus adapter Technology) technology to realize the integration of HbA and SSD cache; At the same time, following the pace of Microsoft, qlogic, which has been responding to the Microsoft cloud OS strategy, has also launched its own cloud products, including optical fiber, 10GB Ethernet (10GbE) and converged network adapters

in Windows Server 2012 cloud environment, qlogic cloud products can provide fine-grained quality of service (QoS) i/o technology. For enterprises deploying shared services through private or public cloud, it is the key for enterprises to meet stringent service level agreements (SLAs), improve performance and network utilization, and reduce the complexity of Windows Server 2 to improve market competitiveness 012 cloud environment. In addition, qlogic's optical fiber, 10GB Ethernet (10GbE) and converged network adapters also have their own advantages in real-time display of experimental force, displacement, experimental status, etc. because of the adopted technology

qlogic fibre channel adapter has the advantage of providing stable, reliable and efficient fibre channel connectivity for Windows Server 2012:

qlogic adapter integrates Windows Server 2012 virtual fibre channel (VFC) technology. It is the only adapter in the industry that provides switch independent QoS solutions, enabling data center administrators to control a large number of San i/o resources

qlogic N-port ID Virtualization (npiv) technology can allocate bandwidth and set the priority of VFC ports for Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V to ensure fine-grained QoS settings

qlogic 10GbE and converged network adapters provide unmatched performance and reliability for Windows Server 2012 environments:

qlogic's vmflex technology provides network partitioning for Windows Server 2012

qlogic's dynamic VMQ and receive segment coalescing (RSC) technologies optimize performance and enable high-density virtual machine (VM) deployment

support Windows Server 2012 NIC queuing, reliable operation and excellent performance

qlogic's universal routing encapsulation (nvgre) provides network virtualization for Windows Server 2012

Amit Vashi, vice president of marketing of qlogic host solutions department, claimed that qlogic network adapter has always been the most functional adapter in the industry. In the current cloud era, it can well meet the needs of virtualization and cloud computing environment. Our fibre channel, 10GbE and converged network adapters have been recognized by the majority of users, and all have built-in drives, which can maximize customers' investment in deploying Windows Server 2012 in the enterprise data center and cloud

Sandeep Singhal, general manager of Microsoft's windows networking, also claims that qlogic's network adapter can help its customers maximize the features of Windows Server 2012

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