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The export of glassware in Qixian County is blocked. The transformation of enterprises may be imminent. The European debt crisis and the uncertainty of the economic recovery process in the United States are constantly considering the anti risk ability of export-oriented foreign trade enterprises. As a result, many enterprises have been eliminated, and some have begun to switch to domestic sales or transformation. In any case, in the past, the one leg way of walking that blindly relied on exports has become unsustainable. At present, enterprise transformation may be the best time

on July 19, we followed the Taiyuan customs and their delegation to Qixian County and found that due to the impact of the international economic and political situation in recent years, the number of local glassware export enterprises in Qixian County has decreased from the maximum of 200 to more than 30 at present, and most of them have gone bankrupt or changed careers under the impact of this round of international economic crisis

some large-scale enterprises have begun to plan for transformation in advance during the crisis, accelerate the upgrading of products, continuously expand the scope of their domestic market and improve their anti risk ability

As the production and export base of glassware in China, the glassware export of Qi county is typical in the whole industry. More than 95% of the county's product exports are concentrated in Europe, America and Japan

naturally, the sales model that relies too much on exports also leads to its passive acceptance when dealing with changes in the international situation

in the afternoon of that day, when the delegation came to the local glassware production area in Qi County, compared with the hot weather outside, the enterprise production area was somewhat deserted. In the product exhibition area, except for a few employees, there are basically no customers

"our glassware industry can be said to have two ends at the same time, which are greatly restricted." Zhaozhongxin, deputy general manager of Qixian Honghai Glass Co., Ltd., told that the raw materials produced by the enterprise come from other provinces, and the market is abroad, so it is in a crowded situation at both ends, and its autonomy is very weak

in the past two years, due to the impact of the European debt crisis and the unstable economic situation in the United States, the industry sales have declined seriously

zhaozhongxin's description is very vivid, "in the past, when the industry was booming, the products did not need advertising at all. They were all exported, and they were not worried about selling. Now the sales have been declining, and the orders are very few."

too much reliance on exports has eliminated a large number of enterprises under the impact of this round of crisis. According to zhaozhongxin, at present, the number of enterprises in the glassware industry in Qi county has dropped sharply from 200 three years ago to 170, leaving only more than 30 at present

in addition to being subject to the impact of the international situation, zhaozhongxin also added two points. The rise in labor costs and raw material costs in the past two years, as well as the fact that most of the industry is dominated by private enterprises and backward management awareness, have also indirectly increased the operating costs and risks of enterprises, and elimination is inevitable

The deterioration of export situation has made the glassware industry in Qixian County suffer a great impact in the past two years

many enterprises have begun to realize the importance of domestic sales, constantly exploring the domestic market and increasing the proportion of domestic market share

"the export situation in the past two years is grim, which makes enterprises realize that relying solely on export root 5. the dynamic display of data and curves with the experimental process is not enough. If enterprises want to develop in the long term, they must walk on two legs." Facing the severe export situation and increasingly picky customers, zhaozhongxin's red sea glass company has realized this and must spare no effort to develop the domestic market

it is worth noting that the red sea glass company's export areas are mainly concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Middle East regions such as the two sides of the Red Sea. Therefore, compared with most enterprises mainly exporting to Europe and the United States in the industry, they are less impacted and their customers are relatively stable

however, since the beginning of this year, the turmoil in the Middle East has also affected the sales volume of enterprises to a certain extent. It has become an industry consensus to change their thinking and convert exports to domestic sales

"at present, the proportion of domestic sales of enterprises is rising. The domestic market is mainly in Xinjiang, Northeast China and Shanghai." Zhaozhongxin introduced

according to the assumption of the enterprise, however, in the future, the proportion of export and domestic sales of products will gradually increase from the current 7:3 to half of the country. The domestic market will be a part of the future development of the enterprise

transformation figure

when the industry is in a downturn, it is the best time for enterprises to repair themselves and accelerate transformation. Enterprises with a keen sense of smell have begun to wait for the opportunity

"under the impact, the enterprise can only transform into a living." Zhaozhongxin stressed that enterprises should not only engage in production and sales, but also accelerate the upgrading of products. Taking the advantage of glassware products and developing the tourism industry combining culture and tourism is the future development direction of red sea glass

in terms of product upgrading, red sea glass will mainly develop and produce lead-free crystal glass. "Once the project is successful, it will achieve a qualitative leap in the glassware industry at home and even in the world, and will not lag behind for at least several decades." Zhaozhongxin is confident

at present, the equipment, technology and personnel of the project have been basically in place. It is expected that the project will be ignited and produced in the late part of this month

in terms of industrial transformation, the largest glass art park in China with the participation of red sea glass is also under construction. This project is also one of the key projects of Jinzhong City and Qixian County Government

it is reported that the total investment of the project is about 300million yuan. It is expected that the main works will be completed next year and the next year will be completed by 7.7% Try to use the same raw material for mold trial and mass production in the future. The art park will have China's largest glass museum and corresponding supporting entertainment facilities, such as hotels, product trading demonstration centers, glass sculptures, etc

"after the project is completed, it can undertake large-scale activities such as the National Glass Art Festival and the Expo, which can not only stimulate domestic demand, but also enhance the popularity of products and enterprises." Zhaozhongxin said that at that time, the enterprise will shift from production to exhibition. Zhonghua glass () Department

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