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Quality decisively creates a brand of reassurance for users FAW Xichai makes high-quality products become the market pass

quality decisively creates a brand of reassurance for users FAW Xichai makes high-quality products become the market pass

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in the social wave, there are so many brave and courageous people, and the value lies in their superior personality; In the market, there are so many people who strive for innovation and progress, and ultimately win with quality. A long time ago, Dr. Juran of the United States, who is famous in the quality management field, put forward the concept of "quality spiral", and believed that the whole process of forming high-quality products should include 13 stages: Market Research, independent research and development, lean design, precise formulation of product specifications, formulation of processes, procurement, installation of equipment, production, process control, inspection, testing, marketing and service

"As an authority on quality management, the quality concept and methods advocated by Dr. Zhulan have always had a profound impact on the development of enterprises in various countries and international quality management. I agree with Dr. Zhulan's quality concept very much. If the key word of China's manufacturing industry in the 20th century is' productivity ', and the emphasis is on' increasing quantity and ensuring share by price ', there is no doubt that in the 21st century,' what is the distance between the lines? The distance given by different standards? ' From the century when there is a certain difference in quality, modern enterprises must have the quality that can be taken out, build the brand image with quality, and build the consumption stickiness with quality. " Qianhengrong, the factory director of FAW Xichai, a leader in the internal combustion engine industry, has a clear view of quality management and early detection of accident signs, Share the "quality experience" of Xichai as many as you can: "Leading brand requires leading quality. We always put quality on the same important position as life. In Xichai, the achievement of high quality is not a single control in the production process, but a joint management from the aspects of R & D, production, marketing and service. Through three steps of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement, we have achieved a spiral rise in quality, enhanced product applicability and met the requirements of users to the greatest extent 。”

planning, setting objectives first, innovating methods and multiple measures

Figure 1: display of four bases of Xichai

composed of Tangnan, Huishan, Mashan and DAHAO, FAW Xichai, with a total area of 670000 square meters, has entered its 73rd year since its establishment. Its scale has been growing, its products continue to sell well, and its development is more dynamic. In the long-standing and invincible development Dictionary of Xichai, the product value is refined by innovative quality and dominates the market share. Its three major product brands, Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei, have become the first choice for users' quality and value. After the completion of the national five product layout, the quality test has also achieved remarkable results. The product is well-known and originates from good quality. It begins with the precise objectives and clear requirements of Xichai quality management planning

recently, a group of people walked into Xichai and found Zhang, director of Quality Assurance Department of Xichai, He introduced us: "The four dimensions of our brand's core values include quality, energy efficiency, innovation and symbiosis. The first one is' quality ', which is self-evident. The ancients said: the army is not moving, and food and grass are first. The purpose of modern quality management' quality comes from planning, not from inspection 'coincides with it. To create high-quality power products, excellent quality planning should take the lead, plan in advance, take the initiative, and set quality goals. Note Pay attention to details, specify the operation process, keep improving, integrate relevant resources, and strive to achieve the goal of Lean quality. Careful, in-depth and detailed planning will get twice the result with half the effort for improving product quality, which largely determines product sales and brand reputation. "

FAW Xichai, which never fights unprepared battles, has" high standards and strict requirements "in quality planning. On the one hand, it clearly sets safety management and long-term quality management objectives, prepares quality management plans, refines quality management phased objectives, defines quality management responsibilities, and achieves" no accidents in safety and no defects in quality ". Launch the blueprint of "13th five year plan" for Xichai diesel quality, and the planning objectives are clearly visible, that is, "by 2020, the engine customer satisfaction rate will be leading in the industry, the comprehensive quality of the engine will be first in the industry, the comprehensive ability of the quality assurance system will reach the same level as the public, and the quality infrastructure level will be leading in the industry"; On the other hand, Xichai has been brave in innovation, created a positive innovation atmosphere in the whole plant, and created five mechanisms of innovation management system: decision-making mechanism, power mechanism, operation mechanism, development mechanism and evaluation mechanism. In terms of quality improvement, we will never slacken, formulate various quality measures, take protective measures for spare parts and finished products, prevent various quality problems, take precautions against common problems in the production process in advance, and list relevant preventive measures

introduce the world-class quality management concept, learn from foreign advanced management and technology models, and combine its own advantages, tailor-made, and form a set of management system that conforms to its own development reality and operates efficiently. Over the years, the development of quality management of Xichai diesel has gone through several stages, and different goals have been set in each stage. The goals of "product quality enlightenment development stage", "product quality improvement and promotion stage", "domestic famous quality brand stage" and "domestic samples of quality brand should be cut from test pieces with uniform thickness" have been achieved one by one. Now, it is moving forward to the "internationally famous quality brand stage". In order to narrow the gap with similar international products and extend the brand market to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, Xichai has taken many measures at the same time, focusing on improving the quality ability of management system, product planning, product R & D, procurement and supply, mass production, marketing service, supervision and improvement of quality, from imitation to independent renovation, and its development process ability to resist mediocrity, so as to promote quality excellence with eight abilities, Improve market competitiveness and boost consumer confidence. The process of quality development of Xichai is also the process of leading the quality management of manufacturing industry to climb the innovation peak

control, focus on the management of the quality of powerful drugs to improve the quality

Figure 2: factory director qianhengrong of Xichai of FAW accompanied a group of quality management experts to visit the Xichai quality Museum

in the internal combustion engine industry, Xichai people gave the title of "quality control". For this title, Xichai quality people readily accept it. With good quality control and good management, a large number of respected quality talents have emerged in Xichai, taking high-quality products and strong brands as their lifelong pursuit. Last year, when factory director qianhengrong of Xichai, the only award-winning enterprise in the internal combustion engine industry, took over the "National Quality Award" from the National Quality Association, it was a high recognition of Xichai's quality management work and an incentive to improve its quality control ability in the future

"Quality creates market and profits, and quality control strengthens quality and efficiency. Through the application of last year's national quality award, we found that there are still many deficiencies in quality work. Consolidating strengths and strengthening weaknesses, establishing a more excellent quality management system, strict standards, control specifications, formulating more stringent quality internal control standards, effectively improving the ability to guarantee quality process control, and ensuring product quality and quality optimization will contribute to the improvement of Wuxi Diesel production The overall quality level of the product plays a decisive role. " The relevant person in charge of FAW Xichai affirmed the importance of quality control

1 in January, FAW Jiefang company called for the first time to carry out the action of "eliminating disease". Xichai responded quickly, sorted out the quality problems, summarized the difficult and miscellaneous problems related to quality, never tolerated the problems that were easy to cause quality instability in the purchase of raw materials, production and manufacturing, and took drastic measures to eliminate the disease and remove the root cause of quality problems. Under strict quality standards and specifications, FAW Xichai quality assurance department strengthened self-examination and self correction of public welfare probability, mutual supervision, strictly promoted the quality management mechanism of workshop daily review, Department weekly review and quality department monthly review, mobilized all personnel to find problems in the production process, and everyone strived to be a quality manager and guardian; The procurement department is more strict in the investigation of source parts procurement, incoming inspection and other links, facing problems directly and consolidating measures. This kind of seamless quality control keeps unqualified parts out of the door

it has been more than three months since the implementation of the action of "eliminating disease", and Xichai has identified 85 quality "disease" in total. All departments strictly control quality, speed up quality improvement, supervise each other, do a good job in quality relay, and jointly make their own contributions to "singing a good voice of quality and creating reassuring quality". "During the golden San boom season, our partners in the assembly workshop were enthusiastic about their work and went all out to achieve the set assembly goals efficiently. At the same time, everyone was based on their posts and was unambiguous in 'seeking' and 'removing' problems. They successively identified 22 difficult and miscellaneous problems, and formulated corresponding rectification measures to effectively improve work efficiency, ensure output, Lean quality, and continue to deliver quality power to the sales front, greatly meeting the market Requirements. " The person in charge of FAW Xichai assembly workshop shared the results of the phased "elimination action"

play the "trilogy" of quality, with high-end quality and confidence. In the first quarter of this year, the pace of quality optimization of Xichai diesel engine increased, making the quality of Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei three product series lead the level of the same industry. Quality planning first, quality control well, and quality reform have created "high quality", which seems to be a magic weapon for Xichai to win in the market competition. In the first three months of this year, the production and sales of 11 liter gold displacement engines of Aowei, the "king of public praise", achieved "double growth", with a year-on-year increase of 39%. In March, the sales of 460 HP long oil change products of Aowei exceeded 6700 units. The highlight of "fuel saving pioneer, worry and effort saving" is almost well known. The status and influence of Wuxi Diesel Aowei in trucks, passenger cars, off-road vehicles, remanufacture and other fields are at its peak

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