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The turnover of the second Qinyang paper machinery order fair was 500million

recently, the China paper society, together with the Henan Paper society, the Qinyang municipal Party committee and the Qinyang municipal government, held the second national autumn paper machinery order fair, paper technology exchange and product exhibition in the China Paper Machinery City in Qinyang City, attracting hundreds of enterprises from across the country

according to the new statistics of the most limited differences, the total output of paper machinery and accessories in Qinyang City has accounted for one third of the domestic market, with an annual sales revenue of 1.03 billion yuan. It has not only realized export, but also become one of the four domestic paper equipment production bases as famous as Shanghai, Liaoning and Shandong. It is the largest and most complete trading and distribution center of paper machinery and accessories in China. Last year, the city was called the hometown of papermaking machinery by the China Light Industry Machinery Association, which required the valve spring to have better fatigue performance and anti relaxation performance under higher working stress

according to statistics, 500million yuan of paper machinery products were sold in this order meeting, and 6million US dollars of foreign exchange was achieved. Qinyang City is going global with paper machine as the medium

the total order value of plastic machinery in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2013 was about $335million

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