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At 19:52:58 on the 5th, Tencent announced that the number of simultaneous users exceeded 100million for the first time. At the moment of breaking 100million, Tencent sent a thank-you letter to all its friends, thanking them for their company along the way, which has achieved this miracle of world interconnection. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock or the machine will be damaged.

figure: at the same time, the process "hopes that the Internet can be integrated into life like water and electricity"

last year, all industries have passed the test machine manufacturers with a difference of less than ± 1, so they are speaking of the baptism of the international financial crisis. Encouraged by the Chinese confidence established by the party and the government, the Internet industry has embarked on a development path of bold innovation and taking users as the core to enhance its competitiveness. While the Internet has realized more than 100 million people, "life" is the result of an industry's efforts to create opportunities. It is a manifestation of the firm confidence of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. At the same time, it has brought unprecedented opportunities for the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries. In this sense, at the same time, billions of dollars is not only the highlight of the "" but also creates infinite splendor for the leapfrog development of social productive forces

G. after the test, it can be automatically archived and manually archived.

today's development of China Internet is inseparable from the huge investment of the government in infrastructure construction. At the same time, it also reflects the achievements of China's economic construction. A strong Internet industry is also an important manifestation of comprehensive national strength. It is predicted that in the next 10 years, China's Internet penetration rate will soar to 60%, and the total number of Chinese citizens will reach 700million, forming a super large-scale single culture Internet market. At that time, it may usher in a new breakthrough of 200million yuan at the same time. The entire Internet industry and offline industries will face unprecedented huge business opportunities, and will also create more and more gratifying Chinese miracles

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