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Mr. PI bought a house in Xudong and delivered the house at the end of last year, but just after the new year, he was busy running to various home decoration markets and signing contracts with decoration companies. When the reporter interviewed many decoration companies in Wuhan, he found that there were many citizens like Mr. pipi, and everyone was worried that the price of materials and labor would rise sharply soon

since last year, the voice of decoration price rise has never stopped. "Price rise" has been hyped. Is decoration "price rise" a real trend

will the price of decoration really rise

the labor cost of decoration may face a sharp rise in the whole industry in the near future. For the price problem that consumers are most concerned about, due to the continuous rise of objective factors such as raw materials and labor, it is also reasonable for decoration prices to rise. However, the frequency and extent of price increases vary from company to company

"At present, price rise is the inevitable trend of the industry, and both labor and prices are rising. It is mainly due to the obvious rise in labor costs and raw materials, especially in the types of work such as masonry, carpentry, hydropower, etc., there are fewer and fewer mature and experienced masters, and the decoration workers are in short supply, and the prices are rising sharply.

how much will decoration rise?

labor costs account for about 40% of the total decoration cost, and the rise in labor costs will inevitably lead to The rise in the quotation of decoration companies. In recent years, the rise in labor costs of workers is no longer a problem in the industry. From the 30-50 yuan per day labor cost in 2000 to the 40-45 yuan/m2 for bricklaying today; The average daily wages of oil workers, water electricians and carpenters have reached 250 to 280 yuan. Workers with better skills will increase by 15% or more on this basis

the reporter learned from Xiaodongmen home decoration market that the current wallpaper price is generally 150 to 220 yuan per roll, and the material price will rise slightly after next month. Although the increase of materials is not high, the labor cost will rise a lot. At present, the labor cost of each roll of wallpaper is about 20 yuan, and it may rise to 30 yuan next month. The reporter learned from a decoration company in Xudong that the average daily labor cost of small workers will exceed 200 yuan this year, and the price of some high-quality skilled workers will be higher. The person in charge of the company said that the highest increase was still cement workers, and the daily labor cost of skilled workers would even exceed 400 yuan. Affected by the rise in labor costs, the quotations of many home decoration companies are about to increase by 10%

in fact, citizens may not feel at ease when signing decoration contracts. In order to prevent Jerry building, citizens should quantify the decoration materials when signing the decoration contract, especially for the words "first-class products", "first-class products" and so on. At the same time, the specifications of the decoration materials should be specified to achieve quantification





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