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Half package is a decoration mode between clear package and full package. Generally, the owner will choose half package decoration mode in order to save trouble and do not want to hand over all the rights to the construction party. Many owners often don't know what projects are included in the half package decoration. In the end, it is still "routine" by the construction party. If you want to decorate without being trapped, you still need to do enough. So quickly follow the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network to learn what is included in the half package in addition to manual decoration

1. The construction items included in the semi package include:

to be responsible for the demolition of walls and the reconstruction of indoor structures such as wall construction

to be responsible for the painting construction of walls, wallpaper, latex paint and furniture paint

to be responsible for backfilling, ground leveling, waterproof treatment and mud and water operations such as floor tiles and wall tiles

to be responsible for the carpentry operations of ceiling, modeling and some on-site furniture

to be responsible for drainage design and installation Water and electricity construction such as circuit design and installation and sanitary ware installation

2. The materials for which the semi package is responsible are:

water and electricity: wires, conduits

bricklayers: cement, sand, bricks

carpentry: all plates

paint: all paint

other auxiliary materials: gypsum board, nails, screws, all-purpose glue, water repellent agent, latex paint and other auxiliary materials

the above are the items and materials included in the construction room in the semi package decoration, If the owner chooses to decorate his home in the form of half package decoration, he must remember to clarify the purchase materials of the construction party to avoid being fooled by the construction party and causing economic losses to himself




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