80ping rural style decoration effect drawing

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The simple and natural color establishes the leisurely and comfortable life style of the home, which makes you feel really comfortable. When you are in such an elegant and relaxed pastoral home and appreciate the great beauty of nature, you will feel that the whole person will become much more relaxed. Next, let's follow Xiaobian to enjoy this 80 square meter rural style decoration rendering

the spacious floor to ceiling windows introduce warm and bright sunlight, which makes the space warm and harmonious. In the picture, dark blue and white curtains, black leather sofas and lattice single cloth sofas, light coffee antique tiles, off white storage cabinets, chandeliers and wall lamps emitting warm light, etc. the whole living room is quite pastoral natural and elegant, creating a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and I feel really comfortable. The decoration design of the small garden near the window adds a lot of interest to life

the antique small square tiles in light coffee color are pasted on the background wall of the whole kitchen cabinet, matched with the overall cabinet of reddish brown solid wood. The decoration design of the whole kitchen is very typical pastoral style, and the natural atmosphere fills the whole space, making people feel fresh and comfortable. The restaurant next to the kitchen in the picture is also pastoral style, with ivory white frame, brown countertops and tables and chairs on the sitting surface matched with black iron chandeliers, The space style is simple and elegant

although the decoration style of the bathroom is also pastoral, it is quite elegant and noble in European style. The elegant ceramic tiles decorate the plain background wall and floor. The quiet color is the embodiment of the pastoral style, which is low-key and natural. In the picture, this ivory bathroom cabinet has become the highlight of the bathroom decoration design. The elegant colors, exquisite carvings and elegant shapes fully display the elegant charm of the classical European style, Improved the grade of the space

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