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Bookcase is furniture that every family will buy now. Bookcase can sort books well. Now more and more people like to buy small family houses, making small bookcases more and more popular. So, how to choose the right small bookcase? Now let's learn about the complete picture of the small bookcase with Xiaobian, and what aspects should be paid attention to when buying the small bookcase

I. complete picture of small bookcase

complete picture of small bookcase 1. Bookcase depth

there is no standard size of small bookcase, mainly including the depth, width and height of bookcase. Different styles of small bookcases have very different prices and specifications. A reasonably designed bookcase can show the owner's taste. The depth of the bookcase is only 20 to 30 cm. If the bookcase is too deep, it will occupy a lot of space

complete picture of small bookcase 2. Bookcase width

the number of bookcase doors is mainly determined according to the width of the bookcase. Bookcases 50 to 65 cm wide can generally be made into two doors, and those wider can also be made into three doors and four doors. The door can be made of push-pull or flat open

complete picture of small bookcase 3. Bookcase height

bookcase height can be determined according to the owner's height, because if it is too high, the bookcase will be unstable, and it is inconvenient to take books, which is easy to cause safety hazards. At present, the small bookcases on the market have various styles and different styles. They are mainly purchased according to the decoration style of the home and the size of the room

II. Precautions for buying a small bookcase

1. Bookcase technology and accessories

if you want to buy a good bookcase, you mainly need to see whether its plate is good, whether the paint is uniform, open it and smell it to see if it will emit a pungent smell, and whether there will be strange noises when opening and closing the door

2. Shape of bookcase

at present, the shapes of bookcases that are common in the market can be divided into three types: one line bookcase, L-type bookcase and U-type bookcase. For a study with a relatively small area, you can choose a one-sided desk. If you want to put it in the corner, you can use the advantage of the corner to choose an L-shaped one, but you'd better not choose a U-shaped bookcase, because it takes up a lot of space and looks depressed

3. The depth, width and height of the bookcase

many people think that if the depth of the bookcase is larger, you can put more books, but in fact, if the depth is too large, it not only takes up space, but also is very inconvenient to take books. The width and height of the bookcase should be selected according to the layout and size of the home. Choosing a bookcase with the appropriate height can make it more convenient for the family to take books

4. Size design of bookcase

generally, the depth of the finished bookcase we buy is about 30 cm, but this may cause a waste of space, so we can decide according to the size of the books we want to put when purchasing

editor's summary: the above is the complete collection of small bookcase pictures shared by Xiaobian for you, as well as the relevant information on which aspects you need to pay attention to when buying a small bookcase. If you want to know more about decoration, you can pay attention to it




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