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Xinli Mumen new store opened, and the dealer made a wonderful speech

dear president Wang and president Zhang, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:

good morning, everyone

it is a great honor to speak as a dealer representative at today's opening ceremony. First of all, I would like to thank Xinli company for giving me such an opportunity to share and communicate with you. This is my recognition and affirmation as a Xinli dealer, and it is also an honor for me. Today is a very beautiful day. Here, on behalf of all dealers, please allow me to extend my warm congratulations on the opening of Huiying Xinli new store, and sincerely wish Xinli to sing loudly all the way to sail in the future, create more industry miracles, and change the inherent impression of modern people on Chinese style home decoration

please allow me to make a simple self introduction first: my name is guoxiaojuan, from Beijing, and I am currently on the fourth floor of the urban style mahogany classical museum outside Beijing. In June this year, I began to contact Huiying Xinli whole wood customization, which began the wonderful fate between me and Xinli. Through the operation in the past few months, Xinli whole wood home decoration has successfully opened the Beijing market, achieved more than expected sales performance, and achieved a qualitative leap. In just a few months, Xinli has achieved such remarkable results in the Beijing market, thanks not only to the slightly thicker traditional cultural atmosphere in Beijing than in other regions, but also to the strong support of Xinli company for my work. Through multi-channel publicity and promotion, more consumers have learned about Xinli whole wood customization, which has rapidly improved the brand popularity of Xinli in the Beijing market, and is deeply loved by Everbright consumers, which plays an important role in the construction of terminal channels in the Beijing market

Chinese traditional culture will live forever! Chinese style is always the favorite style of Chinese people. The reason why I choose Xinli whole wood customization is that in addition to Xinli's unique brand culture and clear strategic development policy, Xinli, as the leader of the new Chinese style whole wood customization industry, has been committed to innovating and developing Chinese traditional culture, penetrating it into daily life, so that the blood of traditional culture can be continued

my cooperation with Xinli is successful, pleasant and humane. I firmly believe that the prospect of Xinli whole wood customization will be better, and my personal career will also be beautiful! The whole wood customization market is destined to leave a magnificent chapter between Xinli company and our dealers

thank you




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