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After having their own small home, the post-80s generation will carefully decorate it to reflect their life taste

after having their own small home, the post-80s generation will carefully decorate it to reflect their life taste. Kitchen cabinets are popular with young people because they have both storage and decoration functions, which can make the kitchen cleaner and more fashionable. However, when choosing kitchen cabinets, they are more likely to enter the following misunderstanding

myth 1: ignore the functionality of the kitchen

too much consideration is given to the color and beauty of the kitchen, while ignoring the most practical functionality. Young friends who buy houses for the first time, with Limited kitchen space, often over consider the avant-garde design color and the application of exaggerated modeling. Often ignore the most important storage function of the cabinet. So that after entering the house, the cabinet found that many "unexpected" things had no place to put, such as all kinds of pots, staple foods, Juicers, small ovens... Finally, the selected cabinet was completely covered up by the messy placement


the items that need to be stored in the kitchen include all kinds of pots, small household appliances, staple grains and miscellaneous grains, all kinds of tableware, knives, condiments, etc. If you think too much about beauty, but waste space, there will be a lot of inconvenience in the future use. The selected cabinet style should be based on the premise of ensuring the storage function, and then consider beauty. As far as possible, consider the design of the barrel cabinet, and adopt the design of a single basin or a single basin with a drainage rack. When conditions are limited, first of all, remove the design of luxury functions (such as dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, ovens and other electrical appliances)

Myth 2: I believe that brands ignore details

compared with others, regular brand cabinets are easier to be loved by young white-collar workers. After all, brand means not only quality assurance, but also better after-sales service. However, as a regular brand, it doesn't mean that it's OK to climb up with some big brands and often "cooperate with whom and whose materials are consistent", because although manufacturers say so, consumers can't examine its authenticity


even when choosing a regular brand, we should also examine the quality through details. For a good cabinet, you can identify whether its process is exquisite by plates, countertops, drilling holes and edge banding. Details such as hanging parts of the cabinet and reinforcement of the front connecting plate are also very important. The quality and life of the kitchen cabinet are often determined by these details. So consumers should not be afraid of trouble, shop around and compare details




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