AkzoNobel and Airbus make aerospace industry more

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AkzoNobel and Airbus make the aerospace industry more sustainable

AkzoNobel and Airbus make the aerospace industry more sustainable

June 14, 2019

product innovation aimed at making the aerospace industry more sustainable has contributed to the promotion of a new chrome free "Internet +" exhibition developed by AkzoNobel and Airbus with good results. 3 Is the electronic extensometer calibrated correctly

aerodur HS 2121 is a new certification of Airbus, which has been incorporated into the specifications of aircraft manufacturers. It is part of AkzoNobel's latest generation of aircraft exterior decoration and selective strippable system. In addition to not containing chromate, the new primer also provides users with many performance, appearance and application advantages

designed for the final assembly stage, it is applicable to almost all external aircraft surfaces without pretreatment (also on rivets), improving corrosion performance and flexibility, as well as better visual coverage. It also has enhanced wettability, which means less primer is needed, saving time and improving efficiency

"the launch of aerodur HS 2121 is based on our long-term commitment to improve products, meet customer needs and provide more sustainable solutions," explained Maud khelstovsky, Airbus Key Account Manager at AkzoNobel, and then the signal is handled by the processor. "This is an eco quality solution that enables us to reduce our customers' cost of ownership while improving their sustainability."

John Griffin, general manager of AkzoNobel aviation coatings business, added: "we are driven by innovation and are happy to provide customers with next-generation products with obvious performance and sustainability advantages. It continues to maintain our excellent record of leading market-leading solutions, surpasses expectations, and provides world-class functions, performance, efficiency and value with a very short molding time compared with epoxy resin systems under the same conditions. "

AkzoNobel is a global leader in the field of aviation coatings, providing high-performance products and technologies for global aircraft

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