The hottest fiber company developed polypropylene

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Visions fiber company developed polypropylene staple fiber for papermaking

it is reported that visions fiber company has recently developed a polypropylene staple fiber that can be mixed with cellulose materials for papermaking, which can improve the quality of paper, improve the wet strength of paper, and improve the wear resistance of paper. And according to the different uses, because the addition of this polypropylene staple fiber changes the modulus of the paper, it can also 4. Regularly check the decline of the jaw. The cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies is enough to make the paper elastic

the company adopts the process of separating spinning and stretching, and the spinning process runs continuously to ensure the uniformity and stability of fiber quality. Soybean protein is the most studied plant protein in terms of biodegradable materials. The independent stretching process can adapt to small batch customers with special requirements. As the drawing process ultimately determines the performance of the fiber, the company can produce fibers with sizes from 1.7-3.3dtex, 3-12 according to the requirements of customers, and can curl the fibers

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