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A few tricks let you throw away plastic packaging

[China Packaging News] the vegetables you buy back are directly stuffed into the refrigerator in plastic bags; Put leftovers into plastic lunch boxes for cold storage; Plastic products are widely used in the storage of food, but it is not only easy to make food lose water, nutrition and taste are greatly inferior, but also the harmful chemical bisphenol A in plastic will pose a threat to human health. For this reason, China packaging has recommended several alternative storage containers for plastic products to help you stay healthy

store for a long time, use metal and glass containers

if you want to store a variety of foods for a long time, metal or glass containers are the most suitable, such as plexiglass fresh-keeping boxes, metal lunch boxes, etc., because they are not afraid of freezing, can isolate the air, and will not release harmful substances. No matter which kind of container is selected to solve the problem of poor impregnation of continuous fiber in the injection or molding mold, the sealing of the cover is very important. It is best to choose the cover with silicone gasket to avoid air entry, so as to keep the food fresh. It's best to choose a flat, rectangular container, which is more conducive to putting it into the refrigerator freezing layer and saves space. It should be reminded that when freezing liquid food, do not fill the container to prevent the liquid from expanding and bursting the container; When using a glass container to freeze food, you can pour some water outside the effective travel of container 3.1, which can help strengthen the seal and provide more protection for food preservation. When thawing, first flush the outer ice with warm water, and then thaw the food; If the stainless steel container is used for storage, it should be noted that the food should not contain salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc., otherwise harmful substances in stainless steel will be dissolved from gb/t 838 ⑴ 998 "glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin sand containing pressure pipe"

wrap meat in paper and aluminum foil

if you want to freeze large pieces of solid food (such as meat), or package pre frozen food, paper and aluminum foil are good choices. The traditional oil paper, which has not been bleached and is specially used to wrap food, has a good anti oil, moisture-proof and moisturizing effect, but it can only be used for a short time when freezing food. In contrast, aluminum foil has more advantages in sealing and moisturizing, but it is very easy to tear. If there is an error in sealing, it will fall short. Therefore, after wrapping with aluminum foil, you can add a piece of oil paper on the outer layer. To avoid waste, aluminum foil and oil paper can be reused

use plastic bags and wrap paper first.

if you don't have the above containers at home, you can also put cans, bottles, etc. into food after thorough cleaning, fasten the lid, and then seal it with adhesive tape. If plastic bags must be used, the following measures may be taken to minimize the harm: use special food plastic bags. Although they are thinner than shopping bags, they are strong and durable, have better moisture-proof effect, and contain little or no bisphenol A; Try not to let the food directly contact the plastic bag. You can wrap the food with oil paper first, and then put it into the plastic bag to seal it

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