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AkzoNobel announced its China decorative paint business development plan

AkzoNobel, the world's largest paint and coating enterprise, has accumulated a lot of experience. By building a global brand and developing mid-range product strategies for its decorative paint business, AkzoNobel strives to gain the first position in the market in the rapidly developing Chinese market

kangningde, a member of AkzoNobel's board of directors in charge of decorative paint business (t building insulation is the largest consumption field of MDI in the world ex gunning), pointed out that the global decorative paint market is as large as 22billion euros, and the high growth potential economy led by China brings great development opportunities for this industry

kangningde recently visited Chengdu to obtain first-hand information about the Chinese market (Fuzhou). He was surprised by the rapid development of the Chinese market. The modernization of cities and the rise of high-rise buildings have provided AkzoNobel with great opportunities for development. In the next few years, AkzoNobel will follow 3 Hard and strong: tensile strength and elastic modulus continue to accelerate investment and development in Western China

kangningde, a member of AkzoNobel's board of directors in charge of decorative paint business (Tex manufacturing enterprises can also grade bolt fasteners through specific product classification gunning)

a single powerful brand is more brilliant

kangningde said that AkzoNobel decorative paint is using its famous "Dulux" brand in the industry to forge a global brand, and choose China, Canada India and Southeast Asia are the first markets to promote this unified brand image. "In the past, AkzoNobel had many decorative paint brands, but their market awareness was quite uneven. In view of this, we believe that building a strong global brand will be more conducive to promoting the further growth of the business."

he pointed out that the unified brand image is particularly important in China's decorative paint Market: "one of the characteristics of China and North Asia market is extreme dispersion. The top five manufacturers account for a total of 40% of the market share, and the remaining market is divided by more than 8000 local or regional manufacturers."

he said: "Dulux is a household brand in the international market, which has been popular with consumers everywhere for decades. It is the best platform for us to build a global decorative paint brand strategy."

expand the product lineup in an all-round way

Lin Liangqi, President of AkzoNobel China, said that in order to cooperate with the implementation of Dulux's global brand strategy, the decorative paint business department will also expand its product range, cover the mid-range market, and further expand its distribution channels in China. These factors complement each other and will comprehensively enhance the competitive advantage of the business department

Lin Liangqi said, "the potential of China's emerging middle class cannot be ignored. Consumers in this class have considerable consumption desire and consumption ability. In order to pursue a better and high-quality life, they are willing to pay more to enjoy high-quality products. Dulux has always been well-known in the high-end product market, and we are constantly expanding our product lineup and entering the mid-range market with the largest market capitalization."

the flagship products of these series are duluxjialian series wall paint, including duluxjialian Jingwei wall paint, duluxjialian moisture-proof Jingwei wall paint, duluxjialian antifouling Jingwei wall paint, etc. AkzoNobel also recently released a series of "eco sense" products in China. This series does not add any VOC (volatile organic compounds) in the selection of raw materials, formulas and production processes. It is an upgraded product of the "clean flavor" series. AkzoNobel is committed to providing the market with more environmentally friendly, high-quality and safe coating solutions

he added that AkzoNobel decorative paint business department has also made great moves to expand its Dulux store network in China. At present, there are more than 4000 Dulux stores in 550 cities in China, with a rapid growth rate of 700 per year

Lin Liangqi said, "our goal to expand our retail network is very clear, that is, as long as Chinese consumers want to buy Dulux products, they can find a Dulux store nearby."

Lin Liangqi said, "Dulux stores will be the key to winning the favor of Chinese consumers. In the decorative paint market, 'do it yourself' (DIY) is not really popular in China. Most local consumers just buy products by themselves and then let professional craftsmen handle the painting work. Our Dulux stores provide 'do it for you' (dify) With one-stop service, consumers can choose the products they like, or refer to the opinions of our color experts. At the same time, we recommend reliable and well-trained professional painters to serve customers, so that they can enjoy the perfect painting effect at ease. "

make local communities sustainable and wonderful

kangningde said: "In different cultural backgrounds of different countries, color plays a vital role. Color has become a way of self-expression and personality display. AkzoNobel is convinced that its high-quality decorative paint can enrich people's lives and help improve people's living environment. In order to realize this vision, our company recently launched a global community activity called 'let' scolor shine together."

'let' scolor shines together 'aims to add color to people's lives, stimulate people's creativity, and revitalize their community environment. Specifically, AkzoNobel invited local communities to use its decorative paint to color areas with monotonous colors

kangningde said: "the 'let' scolor shine together 'activity not only consolidated our position as a global color authority, but also encouraged consumers to choose our brand to make their lives more colorful. AkzoNobel is willing to work with consumers to jointly change the color style of their homes, neighborhood environments and communities."

Lin Liangqi said that the activity of 'let' scolor shine together 'has also been carried out in China. So far, about 4000 liters of AkzoNobel paint have been used in community projects in eight cities

kangningde said: "sustainable development is also the main policy of AkzoNobel decorative paint innovation strategy. Our goal is that by 2015, the business from environmental protection premium products will reach 30% of the total sales."

under the guidance of the above guidelines, AkzoNobel has launched several sustainable innovative decorative paint products, which have achieved fruitful results. For example, eco sense series products can reduce the carbon footprint by 50%; Dulux weather shield can increase the reflectivity of solar energy (thereby reducing the temperature of buildings); Sikkens alpha sanoprotex is an antibacterial coating specially designed for hospitals and clinics

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