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FHC Beijing 2006 - North China imported food and hotel equipment exhibition

normal> Shanghai - June 13, 2006 - FHC Beijing 2006, with the participation of many overseas exhibitors, the imported food, beverage and hotel equipment supply exhibition, which closed successfully at the China International Trade Center in Beijing last Friday, cast a positive vote for the entire North China market

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normal> FHC Beijing 2006, held at the China International Trade Center from June 7 to 9, 2006, has 150 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions. The overseas exhibition groups are from the European Union, Germany, Greece, South Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Sri Lanka and the United States


normal> exhibitors showed a wide range of food: all kinds of fresh fruits, pickled food, beverages, hotel equipment and hotel interior decoration

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normal> buyers are full of praise for all kinds of imported food displayed in FHC Beijing. President of the world China Cuisine Federation nname w:st= "on" productid= "zhangshiyao"> Mr. zhangshiyao was very satisfied with the exhibition, "FHC Beijing has become an important platform for overseas products to enter the Chinese market. The participation of so many overseas exhibitors in this exhibition strongly demonstrates the firm confidence of overseas suppliers in the Chinese market. This is very helpful for us to keep up with the changing taste innovation of consumers.


normal align = center> many exhibitors will once again support FHC Beijing


normal> exhibitors for The audience quality of this exhibition, including researchers and engineers, expressed satisfaction and determined to continue to participate in FHC Beijing next year. Mr. Lee Choong of the Korea Fisheries Association said, "the goal of this exhibition is $42million. In fact, we estimate that the order amount of this exhibition can reach 45.7 million. And this figure has clearly told us how successful this exhibition is, mainly because the viscosity of reducer oil is too small or too large. So we will definitely participate again next year."


normal> another company that expressed satisfaction with the exhibition, Ms. Guo of mitt International Trade Co., Ltd., said: "the exhibition is really great. We met many customers from Beijing, Tianjin, Changchun, Dalian and Qingdao, and communicated with Metro about our new product promotion. There is no doubt that we will definitely come back next year."


normal> Beijing wine general manager, China's major hotel equipment supply dealers have also made it clear that they will support FHC Beijing in 2007 again. CNAME w:st= "on" productid= "Geng Xianshun"> Mr. Geng Xianshun said, "this is a very good exhibition for us. We met many old friends in the hotel industry and made many new friends at the same time. Next year we will continue to support FHC

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