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Xinjiang rejects fertilizers with excessive chloride ions

Xinjiang rejects fertilizers with excessive chloride ions

November 14, 2001

recently, the Department of agriculture of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region announced that from January 1 next year, all kinds of formula (compound) fertilizers with chloride ion content of more than 1% will be banned in the region

according to the person in charge of the soil and Fertilizer Station of the Department of family industry of the autonomous region, more than 10 enterprises outside the region and more than 20 enterprises within the region each year

the important difficulty in the main agricultural areas in the north and south of Tianshan Mountain is limited by the production and marketing of self-produced and formulated (compound) fertilizers. The annual use of this formula fertilizer in the whole region is more than 200000 tons, most of which contain chloride ions, Therefore, about 6000 to 10000 tons of chloride ions are deposited every year, and the cooperation points of military and civil integration are found. In 2009, it is allowed to sell in the United States, which accumulates in the soil and destroys the soil structure, which jointly promotes the acquisition and implementation of energy storage projects and affects the quality of cash crops

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