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FF technology application still faces challenges

as the first oil refining and chemical integration project in China that uses FF (Foundation Fieldbus) technology on a large scale, the production and operation of Fujian Refining ethylene project has always attracted the attention of the industry. For the application and promotion of FF technology, which is concerned by insiders, Zhang Huaping, manager of the instrument department of Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd., expressed his views in combination with the actual operation of the project

at the end of December 2008, the refining part of Fujian Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fujian Refining and chemical) was completed and put into operation; At the end of August 2009, some ethylene was completed and put into operation. According to manager Zhang, at the beginning of the project, most engineers in the company generally had doubts about the new technology, but after installation, commissioning and use, FF was very stable. At the same time, FF technology significantly reduced the number of personnel engaged in start-up, commissioning, operation and maintenance in the whole plant compared with traditional technology. Although there are still various speculations and concerns about the large-scale application of FF technology in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, the smooth commissioning and good operation of Fujian Refining ethylene project have also brought a ray of dawn to the promotion of FF technology, from which we have also obtained the experience and Enlightenment of the successful application of FF Technology

the successful application of MICC in FF technology is indispensable

speaking of the successful experience of Fujian Refining ethylene project, manager Zhang first mentioned MICC (main contractor of instrument and control system). It is understood that the automatic control system of the whole plant adopts the MICC execution mode. In fact, similar cooperation models have been promoted in domestic projects such as Nanhai shell and Shanghai Secco, but there are still some differences in the specific implementation process. Among them, manager Zhang highlighted the formulation of standards and specifications

at the initial stage of the project, due to the complexity of project management, the importance of cost and time control, the lack of sufficient resources and the standardization of engineering schemes, as well as numerous supplier interfaces, the integration and programming of systems and instruments and the unification of various databases have brought great challenges to the implementation of the whole project. According to manager Zhang, Emerson's technical manager and relevant engineers are stationed in the office of the project management company to work with the owner and the project management company to formulate project implementation strategies and various engineering specifications. On the one hand, it helps Emerson fully understand the engineering requirements of the project and formulate a perfect FF implementation function specification. At the same time, the formulation of standards and specifications also avoids the disputes between debugging and document types in the process of document handover, and provides a good prerequisite for the further implementation of the project. Manager Zhang also suggested that a contractor with rich experience in large-scale project implementation should be selected to provide instrument and control systems and services, which can greatly reduce the risk of project implementation; Choosing an automation scheme with the most technological advantages can improve the automation level of the whole factory and reduce the life cycle cost

therefore, the successful application of FF is attributed to the MICC strategy, which is also one of the key factors of high quality, high level, accelerating the construction process and reducing the life cycle cost

attach importance to the application of AMS to further improve the level of intelligent maintenance

the reduction of failure rate directly brings about the reduction of manual maintenance costs, which is also the most direct benefit of the factory. The safe and stable operation of instruments should always be put in the first place, because non shutdown is the greatest benefit of the factory. Zhang Jingli said with empathy. As an integral part of the whole automation system, AMS (intelligent equipment management system) is used in all units of Fujian Refining ethylene project, and the instrument maintenance center of the whole plant is configured

ams integrates FF instrument and Hart instrument directly, forming the intelligent instrument database of the whole plant. At the same time, AMS is used for loop testing to realize remote configuration and save a lot of on-site debugging time. In the normal operation stage, AMS truly realizes remote predictive maintenance. Manager Zhang concluded that this has contributed to reducing the maintenance workload and realizing the intelligent management of the factory. First, the life cycle cost of the instrument and control system is reduced, the maintenance efficiency is improved, and the economic benefits of the factory are realized. In addition, using the remote maintenance function, the maintenance personnel can avoid going to the dangerous area on the site, improve the work safety of the maintenance personnel, and bring social benefits. We will also continue to give full play to the functional advantages of AMS and further improve the level of intelligent maintenance

strengthen training to ensure the normal operation of the project

at present, with the smooth commissioning of large-scale oil refining and chemical projects such as Shanghai Secco, Nanhai shell and Fujian Refining ethylene, FF technology has entered a new stage of large-scale application in China. Industry insiders generally believe that with the massive injection of international capital into China and the construction of a large number of joint venture projects, the application of FF technology will also be further developed. Although FF technology itself has become mature, the application effect also depends on users to a large extent

manager Zhang said that paying attention to the training of relevant personnel is not only beneficial to the on-site commissioning before the project starts, but also improves the reliability of the whole control system, making FF technology better serve the petroleum and petrochemical industry. In order to prolong the service life of Fujian Refining ethylene equipment, except for a small number of FF instruments that fail during installation and commissioning, most of the FF Bus instruments operate normally, and the reliability and integrity rate of plant instruments and equipment are effectively improved and the failure rate is reduced. According to monthly statistics, the integrity rate of instruments and valves in the whole plant is 99.8%. The superiority of FF Bus is gradually playing a role, and the good effect of personnel training is gradually reflected

ff technology application still faces challenges

it is understood that 8033 FF and 8229 Hart devices are used in Fujian Refining ethylene project, including 277 848t multi-channel temperature transmitters (FF), which saves about 2000 temperature transmitters. Manager Zhang introduced that at present, 4.6 meters can be hung on each FF segment on average. If the number of meters is increased, the investment will be further saved, and then another upgrade of FF technology will be realized. I think there is still a lot of room for improvement in the number of meters hung on each FF segment. It is entirely possible to achieve 7 or 8 meters, and the goal of 10 meters is not far away. Manager Zhang said

in terms of compatibility of communication protocols, manager Zhang also believes that instrument suppliers of different brands should do their work in detail, so that the compatibility of communication interfaces can be closer to the needs of users and more convenient for users. On the one hand, it can improve the efficiency of FF technology application, and at the same time, it will greatly promote the application of FF technology in the field of petroleum and petrochemical. He also stressed that instrument manufacturers can develop FF field equipment including analytical instruments and special instruments in the next market competition, which is of great benefit to users. Users should also strengthen the operation of analytical instruments. Epoxy resin should keep pace with the rapid development of hp-rtm: the training of high-voltage RTM equipment personnel used by British professional automobile manufacturer penso consulting, And pay attention to the selection of instruments

in addition, manager Zhang also suggested that we should pay attention to the SIL circuit that can be used for safety interlocking, process and print the results, especially the partial stroke test function of the interlocking control valve, develop redundant error tolerant FF section and related equipment, and study the interface between FF technology and industrial wireless network technology. It is believed that with the expansion of the application scope of FF technology and the maturity of related technologies, FF technology will soon usher in the next upgrade

introduction and comments

using FF, the failure rate of the instrument is significantly lower than that of traditional technology. At present, there are more than 50000 meters in the whole plant. If the failure rate is 1%, there are also 500 fault meters, which is a large number. However, in Fujian Refining ethylene project, the overall failure rate of instruments is very low, which greatly reduces our workload. In particular, we have few instrument maintenance personnel, and the scale of the device has been expanded by at least five times, but we have not increased too many instrument maintenance personnel, only a small number of agreement personnel. On the contrary, we feel that the workload of maintaining the original 4million ton oil refining facilities is less than before. Zhanghuaping, manager of Instrument Department of Fujian United Petrochemical Co., Ltd

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