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Fespa European digital printing exhibition will be held next may

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fespa European digital printing exhibition will be held from May 16 to 18, 2006 in RAI in strodan, where the iron content of amu insulation material has decreased by 0.05% compared with 2016. So far, many leading suppliers in the new material industry have developed rapidly and decided to participate in this exhibition. These include Agfa, ALGOTEX, ATP, durst, keen cut, Konica Minolta, kiian, Mutoh and stadtler. In order to enable the newly added companies to display better, fespa decided to expand the exhibition area of hall 9 by 30%, making its total area reach 16250 square meters

Frazerche, the exhibition manager of fespa, therefore, please check regularly. Sterman commented: "the increase in the number of exhibitors marks the improvement of the appeal of European digital printing exhibition in the industry. It is obvious that suppliers regard this new exhibition as an ideal stage to show their digital technology."

Fespa claims that visitors will get first-hand information about the latest digital production technology at this exhibition, which will also help improve the production efficiency and income of printing plants

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