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Fiat power technology appears at the Netherlands International Yacht equipment exhibition

Fiat power technology appears at the Netherlands International Yacht equipment exhibition

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Guide: Fiat power technology displays its engine and products developed for yachts and commercial ships at the Netherlands International Yacht equipment exhibition. The engines on display are equipped with propulsion systems, control systems and monitoring systems, And comply with tier2 and Tier3 regulations. In the field of navigation, Fiat power technology produces

Fiat power technology exhibited its engine products developed for yachts and commercial ships at the yacht Equipment Exhibition on the occasion of Dutch 2.2.1 a/d converter selection and characteristics a/d conversion chip variety, different performance and great price difference. The engines on display this time are equipped with push system, control system and monitoring system, and all comply with tier2 and Tier3 regulations

in the field of navigation, Fiat power technology produces diesel engines for commercial ships (18 engines, with power from 15 to 650 horsepower) and yachts (21 engines, with power from 20 to 825 horsepower, and the deepening of the concept of environmental protection), which can be well matched with inboard and outboard engines, ZF pod drive and sailboat drive. At this time, it can realize a stepless speed change experimental machine with several to 2000 revolutions, which is equipped with a new control and monitoring system. The newly developed engine is in the leading position among similar products in the market, thanks to its unparalleled technical characteristics and compact layout, which makes it possible to install high-power engines in a relatively small cabin while saving space

at the 2013 Netherlands International Yacht equipment exhibition, Fiat dynamics technology exhibited n67500 PD engine with pod system applied to yachts and c13500 engine applied to commercial ships. At the same time, electronic controllers and luxury touch screen monitors are displayed. These engines adopt the most advanced technologies such as electronically controlled common rail injection, four valve system, turbocharging system and aftercooler

yacht application display products: Nef series (3..7 liters) n67500 PD engine

as the most representative yacht application product of Fiat power technology, Nef series engine has a variety of optional versions: four cylinder and six cylinder, naturally aspirated and turbocharged, multiple power bands between 85hp and 570hp, mechanical and electronically controlled common rail fuel system. The high performance, compactness, environmental protection and many other advantages of this series of engines make it the first choice for cruise boats and speedboats up to 12 meters long. Nef 67 yacht engine will be displayed in this exhibition

the combination of the innovative n67500 engine and ZF pod control propulsion system has expanded the application range of Nef series engines, with significant advantages. Compared with other competitive models equipped with pod drivers, n67 500pd has the following advantages:

the highest power to weight ratio (0.55 hp/kg)

the highest torque (175nm/l)

the highest power to volume ratio (228 nm/l)

the best power to volume ratio (0.77hp/m3)

compared with the traditional propeller shaft propulsion system, the compact and lightweight ZF pod drive system achieves higher efficiency in performance and fuel consumption and higher cruising speed, Reduce fuel consumption by more than 15% and reduce emissions and maintenance costs by more than 30%

due to the use of smartcommand intelligent control system and (JMS) control system, ZF pod driver not only significantly improves acceleration performance and steering stability, but also improves mobility and pitch angle

improve the comfort of navigation by reducing noise and vibration, which is due to the installation of elastic damping unit and the exhaust of underwater engine through propeller hub

in case of collision with underwater objects, it can be separated from specific parts (while maintaining the integrity of the whole hull) and the protection of keel and propeller in case of accidental contact with floating objects ensure the safety of the system

benefiting from the joystick in the JMS device which is easy to operate, the manipulation and direction control of the ship become simpler, which can be completed by a simple operation of the wrist

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