The hottest Fiat helps Jinlong's new 12 meter bus

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Fiat helped Jinlong's new 12 meter bus appear at Hannover auto show

Fiat helped Jinlong's new 12 meter bus appear at Hannover auto show

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in September 2014, Jinlong's new 12 meter bus appeared at the Hannover auto show in Germany and received widespread attention. The Euro 6 emission cursor 9 engine equipped with Jinlong's new 12 meter bus was developed by Fiat power technology and Xiamen Jinlong bus under a long-term cooperation agreement

cursor 9 engine has a displacement of 8.9 liters, six cylinders, and power from 228 kW (310 HP) to 294 kW (400 HP). The latest common rail system provides higher fuel injection and timing flexibility, so it achieves the best fuel consumption

in order to meet the latest European emission regulations, this engine adopts a highly efficient selective catalytic reduction system with nearly perfect Fiat power technology intellectual property patents. Through selection, it can effectively reduce nitrogen oxides by more than 95%, without the need for exhaust gas recirculation system. Particulate matter is captured by the passive regeneration diesel particulate filter. The combination of cursor9 engine and efficient selective catalytic reduction system realizes the best fuel consumption and market-leading maintenance cycle, ensuring the low overall cost of ownership of Jinlong bus

Fiat power technology, which belongs to Case New Holland industrial group, is the world's top three engine manufacturer, with a turnover of 333.1 million euros in 2013. As a static component, the export guide vane has an annual output of 545000 engines, 62000 transmissions and 157000 axles

Jinlong is a leading passenger car manufacturer in China. (3) to reduce the impact of friction, the illite factory produced more than 29000 passenger cars in 2013 and entered the European market in 2003

about FPT industrial

FPT industrial is a subsidiary of Case New Holland industrial group, focusing on the design, production and sales of powertrain used in road and non road vehicles, ships and generator sets. The company has 8400 employees, 10 factories and 6 R & D centers worldwide. The sales network covers the design and manufacture of 10 ECE r 110 in more than 0 countries, including 93 dealers and about 900 service stations. The investment in China includes a management company in Shanghai and a joint venture. The rich product line (five engine families provide 31 to 740kw power and transmission with torque of 200 to 500nm) and the focus and investment in research and development make FPT industrial a global leader in industrial powertrain

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