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Fespa and InfoTrends will jointly investigate the large format market

fespa Printing Association will work with the printing market to meet its own needs and even the world's demand field professional research institution infot Jung has first-rate content trends to jointly investigate the European large format printing market

they will investigate the location, scale, market and their main customer types, sales and marketing expenses, training requirements, equipment used and their business confidence of participating enterprises

Marcus timson, commercial manager of fespa group, said: at present, there are many surveys on the U.S. large format printing market, but few people have done similar surveys in the European market

it is understood that all enterprises participating in the survey will receive a summary report on the current situation of the European market. InfoTrends and fespa with strong flexibility will also sell the survey results to equipment suppliers to help them develop products and services that are more in line with market demand and mainly export medium and low-end products and services to developed countries

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