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Participate in the preparation and revision of national standards, 36 enterprises in Yantai Development Zone have the right to speak

participate in the preparation and revision of national standards, and 36 enterprises in Yantai Development Zone have the right to speak

November 17, 2017

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the latest national standard for toluene diisocyanate solvent jointly formulated by Wanhua Chemical Group has advanced product standardization level in the world, leading the healthy development of relevant industries in China. It has become an important link for joint research and development, shared achievements and win-win cooperation between enterprises and local governments.

Jinhe industry has participated in the preparation and revision of 10 national standards and 4 industrial standards. The company has recently led the formulation of the national standard "determination of the shade and intensity of solvent dyes". As there are no similar standards in other countries abroad, this standard has reached the international advanced level

Taihe new materials Co., Ltd. participated in the formulation of the industry. The company has previously used sunflower seed oil in its winter tires to improve the performance and wear standard "test method for chlorine resistance of spandex filament", and each index and service performance are close to or reach the products of foreign companies. The company has participated in the preparation and revision of 12 national standards and 13 industrial standards

these three enterprises have received standardization policy support funds from municipal and district governments. According to reports, this year alone, eight enterprises and 16 projects in the development zone have received special subsidies of 1.505 million yuan from the municipal government for standardization; At the same time, seven projects of four enterprises won the standardization award of 2.9 million yuan in the Development Zone, and there are five newly implemented standards this year alone

Yantai Development Zone pays attention to the supporting role of standardization in independent innovation, industrial competition and international trade, and effectively promotes the transformation of old and new driving forces. Up to now, 36 enterprises in the region have participated in the preparation and revision of 45 national standards and 51 industrial standards, of which 8 enterprises participated in the preparation and revision of 6 national standards, 8 industrial standards and 2 provincial and local standards in 2016

36 enterprises have the "say in the market" thanks to the policy support of the local government. "For enterprises that participate in the development of international standards, national standards and industrial standards, and as the main drafting unit, after the promulgation and implementation of the standards, we will give awards of 1million yuan, 500000 yuan and 200000 yuan respectively." Sunligong, deputy director of Yantai Development Zone Market Supervision Bureau, said

Yantai Development Zone issued the "opinions on further accelerating the construction of innovative development zones" and the "opinions on further promoting the implementation of Standardization (year)", which has become a wind vane for enterprises to develop technical standards. Under the good policy incentives, a group of representatives of Yantai Development Zone to create a new image of the gains outweighed the losses. International well-known and domestic first-class brands came out, and the competitiveness of regional advanced manufacturing industry was significantly enhanced

"in the pilot work of building the enterprise standard leader system, enterprises in our region have performed extraordinary." Director Sun said that Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was listed as the "leader" of Shandong enterprise standards in 2016. It is estimated that by 2020, enterprises in Yantai Development Zone will preside over or participate in the formulation (Revision) of more than 65 effective international standards, national standards and industrial (local) standards

not only the technical standards will be rewarded, Yantai Development Zone will give 1million yuan and 300000 yuan to enterprises that have newly obtained China's famous trademark and Shandong Province's famous trademark respectively. If the same trademark has won the national and provincial titles at the same time, it will be rewarded at the national level. Enterprises that have newly obtained famous brand products in Shandong Province will be awarded 300000 yuan

Yantai Development Zone links brands with corporate social evaluation and industrial policies. For enterprises with strong R & D ability and great innovation potential, priority should be given to technological transformation, technology introduction, bank loans, quality management, information consulting and other services, encouraging enterprises to innovate boldly and seize the commanding height of the industry. Bring the construction of "Shandong Service famous brand" Innovative Development Zone into the incentive mechanism, and give supporting rewards to enterprises that have won the Yantai mayor quality award, Shandong provincial governor quality award and China Quality Award

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