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With the development of edible packaging materials, edible packaging materials inevitably face many problems:

(1) performance needs to be improved. Whether it is the processing and molding of packaging containers, the performance of the packaging products obtained from edible packaging is far from that of paper, plastic and other packaging products, and needs to be further improved

(2) the cost needs to be reduced. The research and production of edible packaging are in an immature stage and have not yet formed economies of scale, which makes the cost relatively high. In order to face the market, the cost needs to be reduced

(3) the process needs to be improved. The relevant manufacturing process of edible packaging is not very mature, and the technical parameters are not very stable, which needs to be further improved

(4) the application needs to be explored. Edible packaging is not a universal packaging. It remains to be explored and tested which food packaging should be used, which occasions and which storage and transportation conditions can be used

(5) varieties need to be further developed. At present, edible packaging can not meet the market demand. There are mainly many problems in varieties, such as more films and fewer containers, more soft materials and less hard materials, more natural products and less processing, more rough products and less refined products, which need to be solved

due to the diverse functions of edible packaging, which is environmentally friendly, convenient to obtain materials and edible, the investment channels of insurance funds in developed countries have been continuously relaxed in recent years, and the food industry is competing to develop new products and technologies. At present, China is also promoting "degradable" food packaging, in other words, packaging materials, and gradually banning the use of non degradable materials, so as to control the troublesome "white pollution" and lay the foundation for the next development of "fast-moving edible packaging"

however, from the current research in this area, the latest research topic is abroad. At least eight food departments in the United States have set up research topics on edible packaging. Jinan time experimental machine technology Co., Ltd., a member of the Department of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota, reminds you to load it into a constant load research group, which specializes in studying edible food preservative films containing different components. The Department of agriculture and bioengineering of Clemens university has carried out extensive research on edible films made of protein membrane materials. The University of Wisconsin research team led by finima used polysaccharides and fats to develop a double-layer edible film of moisture resistant polyethylene film, and used it in a "simulated food" to achieve superior results. The French research team headed by Gerbert also carried out extensive research on edible membranes. Japan and Germany have also carried out extensive research in this field. It is particularly worth mentioning that the United States and Japan have accumulated a large number of patented technologies in this field

in China, edible packaging materials can be traced back hundreds of years. As far back as the Han Dynasty in China, when Zhenghe went to the west, beeswax was used to encapsulate fruits, so that fruits could be stored and preserved under the influence of different environments and climates for a long time. In modern times, glutinous rice powder was made into a film for anti stick inner packaging of sweets. However, from the perspective of market prospects, the development trend of edible packaging and the latest international research trends of edible packaging materials, China should increase research investment in this area and focus on edible packaging materials in the development of packaging products

source: China's food industry

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