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Benito J. brizuela, Sr., chairman of the Philippine printing technology foundation, delivered a speech on the development status and market trends of the printing industry in the Philippines

distinguished delegates, guests and friends: Good afternoon! The Philippines has always been attracted by China. Many of my partners have given me great help, and many of them come from China

the Philippines has also actively participated in the corresponding activities held by China, and has in-depth exchanges and discussions with international friends on the world printing market. On behalf of the Philippine printing technology foundation, please allow me to congratulate China on this weakness, which has seriously restricted the development of spray free materials, for successfully holding the 9th Annual Meeting of the Asian printing technology forum

as the Philippine printing technology foundation, we hope to continue to play an important role together with China's Printing Industry Association. Now let me talk about the current situation and trend of the printing industry in the Philippines. At present, there are 5000 printing companies in the Philippines, of which 60% are small and medium-sized printing enterprises, and 35% are joint ventures with an operating quota of US $100000. Because of these dynamic enterprises, the printing industry in the Philippines has shown a trend of rapid development. The printing business in the Philippines involves books, magazines, business manuals, advertising brochures, business cards, etc. we also have safe printing

print some legal standards, safety management manuals, and we also print some business documents and labels. Prepress services include design and related services. We have established three associations in the printing industry, which mainly provide detailed business services and more effective and timely technology for business entities. At the same time, many innovative talents we cultivate have also been recognized globally

for the various predictions of the future development of the printing industry, we must be soberly aware of the nature of these predictions and the factual basis of these opinions in the "Shanghai affordable housing building energy efficiency design guidance opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Opinions"). But in a word, our various forecasts for the market and technology are ultimately based on the specific needs of customers, which also makes this forecast not completed at one time, but need to be constantly revised

copiers are in the stage of rapid development in the Philippines, and the emergence of a large number of digital color printing machines is also a rapidly growing field. The Philippines has always believed that the growth of offset printing is the fastest, because it involves commercial publishing, market development and other aspects, and the development speed of offset printing industry is even 2 times faster than the GDP growth of the Philippines

there is a great difference between the amount of copying and offset printing. We hope to close some small printing enterprises and encourage emerging printing enterprises adopting new technologies to replace them. Digital printing enterprises have also brought us a lot of problems. Now there are many wrong signals in the market, that is, many people say that this industry is not dynamic. In fact, it is not. I think the on-demand printing market is full of hope and there are many market opportunities. The most direct evidence is that the short edition printing market has emerged. We believe that in the next years, digital printing will also grow steadily, although the speed is not very fast. Of course, gravure printing will also be a new development trend

finally, I want to say that the printing industry in the Philippines is full of potential and faces challenges, but our government has made great efforts to develop the printing industry. Thank you for your trust in us, thank you

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