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Andy knight, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment excavator operation, visited Lingong

Andy, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment excavator operation, whose unit is Joule knight, visited Lingong

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on April 25, Andy Knight, vice president of Volvo Construction equipment (hereinafter referred to as VCE) excavator operation, led the process, VPS, production business, production preparation The person in charge of production planning, operation and finance and other modules visited the company. Ma Xingqing, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong, accompanied the visit and held a discussion to introduce the operation and development of the company. Shi Shengyong, deputy general manager and general manager of the marketing company, participated in relevant activities

Ma Xingqing, deputy general manager of Shandong Lingong (first from the right), introduced the production site to Andy knight, vice president (left, major national science and technology projects, and a batch of major projects have also been deployed in the national 973 Plan). At the

Symposium, Mr. Ma extended a warm welcome to the credibility of the VCE excavator operation team and thanked the VCE excavator operation module for its support to the company. He briefly introduced the company's development history, domestic and foreign market layout, product series, temporary lean production (LPS), quality management and material procurement

Andy Knight highly appreciated Shandong Lingong's efficient management level and excellent market performance, especially the strong rise of excavators. He hoped that both sides would take this visit as an opportunity to further enhance understanding, strengthen cooperation and achieve common development

After the discussion, Andy knight and his delegation visited the production site of excavators, loaders and parts of the company, and experienced the fruitful results achieved by Shandong Lingong in-depth implementation of LPS and vigorously promoting the innovative management mode of "one whole, two innovations and three combinations". These management and technological innovation achievements have greatly improved the automation, digitization and intelligence level of the production site, and played an important role in improving product quality and production efficiency

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