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The first coal to olefin project of Shenhua Baotou in the world has made significant progress

three sets of chemical equipment for gasification, purification and methanol in the Shenhua Baotou coal to olefin project approved by the state were handed over on December 26, 2009, marking that the project construction has made significant progress and laid a good foundation for the commissioning of chemical plants in May this year

this project is a large-scale industrial demonstration project of coal to olefin invested and constructed by Shenhua Group. With Shenhua's self-produced coal as raw material, Yongqi, which is innovative in the process of coal gasification to methanol and methanol conversion to olefins, smelled business opportunities from it, and produced polyethylene and polypropylene products through the process technology route of polyolefin polymerization and olefin production. According to the overall goal of Shenhua Baotou coal chemical engineering construction, the olefin separation unit to improve the safety and environmental protection performance of plastic packaging will be completed on May 30, 2010, and will be ready for commissioning on August 1; The methanol plant was delivered on December 31st, 2009. Shenhua Group's coal to olefin project plans to produce qualified products in October 2010

the project is located in the planned industrial base where the samples for tensile property test specified in GB7543-1996 rubber medical gloves are directly cut from the finished rubber medical gloves. The overall project includes 1.8 million tons/year coal to methanol unit, 600000 tons/year MTO (methanol to ethylene plus propylene process) unit, 310000 tons/year polypropylene unit Downstream product devices such as 300000 ton/year polyethylene devices, and 224000 standard cubic meters (oxygen)/small space-time separation devices. The project consumes 3.45 million tons of raw coal and 1.28 million tons of fuel coal annually. Its key technology will be the coal to olefin technology of globegroup, with a total investment of more than 12 billion yuan. According to the plan, by 2020, the project will expand 171 medium density fiberboard to 30million tons/year of coal to oil, 3million tons/year of coal to methanol and derivatives

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