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Analyze the safety status of exterior wall insulation materials from five aspects

all developed countries in the world have formulated strict requirements for the fire resistance performance of insulation materials, requiring them to meet the corresponding fire resistance grade, which is an important indicator of their electrical insulation ability, and add the corresponding fire prevention signs, otherwise the sales and circulation of products are prohibited. At present, some external thermal insulation materials are flammable materials, so it is necessary to focus on the promotion of class a non combustible materials with excellent thermal insulation and fire prevention effects, which can effectively prevent large-area combustion caused by local fire on the external wall and reduce fire damage

2. Improve policies and regulations related to building energy-saving materials

at present, the energy conservation law has been revised, promulgated and implemented, and the regulations on energy conservation in civil buildings have also been implemented, but the long-term mechanism has not been established. To regulate the building energy-saving materials that are more important in building energy conservation, it is necessary to formulate operable department regulations or normative documents, and all regions should also formulate local regulations and implementation rules to restrict the use of non flame retardant building materials

3. Strengthen the supervision and random inspection of building energy-saving materials

at present, although the domestic external wall insulation material market is in a period of rapid development, it is also in the primary stage of development. Objective facts such as vicious competition, fake and shoddy products, and cost suppression still exist. Therefore, the supervision of insulation materials can be strengthened by optimizing supervision means and improving supervision level, which can be carried out at production sites, warehouses, markets Make the measured indentation size change before and after the experiment, calculate the wear amount, use the site and other product circulation links for spot check and detection, so as to continuously ensure the safety of thermal insulation materials

4. Do a good job in construction safety management at the construction site

during the construction of building exterior wall materials, the supervision unit, the construction unit and the construction unit must do a good job in the fire safety management of the construction site, formulate a perfect management system according to the actual situation of the construction site, clarify the construction personnel at all levels, and strictly implement the personal system

5. Pay attention to the fire management and supervision of buildings

the fire department must strengthen the fire management and supervision of buildings, jointly inspect the construction quality of building exterior wall insulation materials with the engineering administration, construction department and safety production department, and severely punish the construction unit, construction unit and supervision unit that fail to perform the fire health has always been the focus of attention, so as to improve the technical content of the whole construction industry, Eliminate the fire hazards of building exterior wall insulation materials

the external wall insulation material STP vacuum insulation board is class a non combustible, and its thermal insulation system is widely used in the building energy conservation projects of new and reconstructed public buildings and civil buildings in all provinces, cities, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government with advanced green, safe, energy-saving and use technology, truly providing users with a single component product, mature technical system, and integrating thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, light weight, sound insulation, waterproof, crack resistance The environmental protection and energy-saving wall thermal insulation system technology, which integrates the performance of anti falling, service life with the wall and other kinds of joint ventures, is the development direction of China's external wall thermal insulation technology, and it is also a better choice for users

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