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Analysis on the upgrading of domestic digital offset printing machinery

digital offset printing machine is the mainstream model of printing equipment in China today, and the market demand is great, but this model we still need to rely on imports. Recently, Qi Fubin, deputy director of the printing technology committee of the brush and equipment industry association, said in an interview that he was worried and helpless after one experiment was completed

the development of digital offset printing machine is at the right time, and this technology has been included in the 12th Five year development plan of China's printing machinery industry. It is hoped that Chinese printing equipment enterprises will pay more attention to the development of digital printing equipment. Qifubin put forward his ardent expectations

the development opportunity is coming

Qi Fubin believes that we still have a certain foundation and technology for the development of digital offset press

it is understood that China has been able to mass produce its own brand of computer direct plate making machines, and has successfully developed inkjet digital printing machines

Qi Fubin believes that the computer direct plate making machine and inkjet digital printing machine we developed have a small gap with the world's advanced level

looking at the international market, the economic recovery of developed countries is slow. The recent U.S. debt crisis, the downgrade of credit rating and the debt crisis of some European countries have deepened the uncertainty of economic recovery. The printing industry in some countries has fallen into recession and the printing equipment industry has difficulties in operation. Overseas enterprises have an increasing desire to cooperate with foreign technology and capital, which provides a rare opportunity for the development of China's printing equipment industry

in May last year, Shanghai Electric made a wholly-owned acquisition of Gauss international, which is known as a milestone in the wholly-owned acquisition of international large equipment enterprises by China's printing equipment industry. This has a positive effect on the acquisition of high-end technology of international printing equipment

The post financial crisis not only provides an opportunity for the development of China's printing equipment industry, but also provides an excellent opportunity for China's printing equipment to go global and expand its international market share. In recent years, China's printing equipment exports have grown rapidly, which proves this

the 12th Five Year Plan of China's printing industry announced by the General Administration of publishing predicts that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the total output value of China's printing industry will exceed 1100 billion yuan, becoming the world's second largest printing country and the world's printing center. By 2020, it will become a world printing power. The rapid development of the printing industry has provided strong support for the rapid follow-up of printing equipment

a number of supporting policies have been issued

in recent years, the policies have also given great support to the development of digital offset printing machines

it is learned from the 12th Five Year Plan of the printing industry that adopting digital and networking control technology to comprehensively improve the level of offset printing machines and flexo printing machines will be the focus of the future development of the industry

the plan points out the direction for the development of traditional printing machinery, especially offset printing machines. It uses digital technology to transform and improve traditional printing machinery. Based on the improvement of supporting facilities, it focuses on breaking through common and core key technologies such as ink color control system, paper tension control system, automatic registration system, and accelerating the industrialization of digital, intelligent, high-speed multi-function printing machines

in addition, at the end of last year, the state issued the "cultural industry revitalization plan" and digital, intelligent, high-speed multi-functional printing machinery were listed as important products in the national cultivation and development strategy of emerging industries, providing unprecedented opportunities for the development of printing equipment industry

in August last year, 11 departments including the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of Finance and the people's Bank of China jointly issued the "opinions on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of mechanical and electrical products export during the 12th Five Year Plan", which also listed printing machinery as one of China's key export industries of mechanical and electrical products for the first time

the technical difference between the two precision experimental machines is not obvious, and the arduous gap still exists.

Qi Fubin believes that our road is still quite rough and arduous to achieve the goals set in the plan. This is mainly because there is still a big gap between us and the world's advanced level. In addition to the widespread low industrial concentration, small enterprise scale and weak scientific research and innovation ability; Insufficient intelligent equipment and special tools and tooling; Besides the common problems of low socialization level of supporting products, there are also some problems of the industry itself that deserve attention

first, the proportion of high, medium and low grades is unreasonable. The production capacity of low-end equipment is surplus, the production capacity of middle-end equipment basically meets the demand, and the production capacity of high-end equipment is seriously insufficient, which basically depends on imports

second, the proportion of sheet fed offset press and web offset press is unreasonable. The printing pattern in developed countries is basically dominated by web offset press, followed by sheet fed offset press. For example, in the 1980s, the United States realized that web offset printing machines dominated the printing industry of the whole United States. Japan had 1593 commercial web offset presses in 2009, and the printing sales of web offset presses accounted for about 57% of the whole printing market

China is still dominated by sheet fed offset printing machines. According to the survey, China had only 109 commercial web offset printing machines in 2010. It can be seen that the proportion of sheet fed offset press and web offset press in China is unreasonable, so we need to vigorously develop efficient, convenient and flexible web offset press, and cultivate and develop new economic growth points

third, whether sheet fed offset press or web offset press, only water offset press is produced, while water free offset press has not been put on the agenda. No matter from the development of water free offset printing technology or green offset printing, water free offset printing machine should be included in the research and development category as soon as possible

fourth, in electrostatic imaging digital printing machines, offset printing (i.e. digital offset printing machines) has made great progress abroad. Although the digital offset press is the mainstream equipment of digital printing in China at present, it all depends on imports

Qi Fubin also believes that at present, a few enterprises in China are reluctant to spend money on technology research and development, and always want to follow others in copying and copying new technologies

the scientific research investment of China's printing equipment enterprises is generally less than 4%, which is far lower than the 8% investment of German printing equipment enterprises. In addition, the total output value of China's national printing equipment is not as good as that of a large German enterprise, so it is conceivable that the scientific research funds are insufficient

therefore, it is imperative to develop the joint research and development of domestic learning and research and the joint research and development of common topics of different enterprises. Of course, it is also necessary to improve the national support

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