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Nowadays, the vigorous development of float glass has occupied most of the market share. The redevelopment of the flat glass market will face the following problems

1. Tablet prices will rise in January 2010. Mainly because of the increasing demand of the construction industry, the price of flat glass is likely to rise significantly in the leading quarter of the decade. But how long will this price increase last

2. When can we see the establishment of new factories and new production capacity? Stimulated by strong demand, tablet manufacturers are starting to build new factories to increase energy production

3. Will there be more mergers and alliances? If so, who will eat who

4. The main feature of most TVs is that they adopt graphical language programming mechanism manufacturers, aiming at 30-50% of the LED market in the 2010 sales plan. Can they achieve their goals? What is the growth rate of LEDs

5. E-book reader is a newly developed field, which has attracted more and more developers and stimulated technological innovation. However, whether consumers can accept these devices is still questionable. Can e-book readers become electronic products accepted by consumers? Or is it just a fashion. Can it be widely accepted

6.3d can provide inspiring and exciting experience. However, there is still uncertainty about its availability, technical preparation and customer acceptance. Can we get rid of the requirements for glasses with more than 40 years of PVDF production history in Solvay

7. In addition to Panasonic and Chinese manufacturers, plasma panel manufacturers have halted plans to improve production capacity. Even Panasonic is putting resources into LCD field. What can change the fate of PDP in 2010? Can plasma survive in the TV market? Or it will find another development point

8. Because both the fourth generation factory in China and the fifth generation factory in Taiwan, South Korea have switched to producing panels less than 10 inches, will the price of small and medium-sized FPD panels collapse

9. Admittedly, there are many problems here, such as the development of mini notebook, touch screen, the maturity of LCD market, the influence of windows7, high transmittance technology, the capacity limitation of glass substrate, TV specifications and roadmap, mobile, ultra micro projector and so on

10. How many of the factory construction projects that g78 hid in China will really be realized? How will they affect the balance of supply and demand in 2011? Due to depreciation and changes in composition, tablet costs fell sharply in 2009. Will this trend continue in 2010? How will enterprises obtain flame retardant materials in the LCD supply chain? Can they be divided into organic flame retardant materials and inorganic flame retardant materials

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