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Analyze the main factors affecting the quality of environmental monitoring from the monitoring process

with the continuous development of economy, China's specific environment has appeared great problems in the process of development, which has seriously affected people's normal life. As China's environmental problems become more and more serious, the selection of environmental monitoring is appropriate, and the number of tasks with higher cost performance is increasing. At the same time, the requirements for monitoring quality are also increasing. The quality of environmental monitoring is the core of the whole environmental monitoring work and an important basis for improving the ability of environmental protection. The author analyzes the factors affecting the quality of environmental monitoring from the aspects of sampling quality, testing system and instrument, testing environment, analysis method and personnel quality, and puts forward countermeasures and suggestions to improve the quality of monitoring from the aspects of reducing analysis error, sampling, quality control, trend comprehensive analysis, etc

sampling quality

the quality control of environmental sample collection process is the weak link of monitoring work. In the process of sample collection, the layout of sampling points, the depth and thickness of sampling, the storage method of samples, meteorological conditions, sampling time and other factors will affect the sampling quality. In the actual operation process, due to the influence of surrounding environment, geographical location, weather conditions and other factors, it is often impossible to arrange points according to the theoretical requirements, and other points can only be selected according to local conditions. The measured data of the samples collected in the case of irregular point layout and a certain degree of randomness obviously cannot reflect the real situation

testing systems and instruments

environmental monitoring instruments are the basis and technical support of environmental monitoring quality, while China's environmental monitoring instrument industry started late. Most environmental monitoring instruments in China are produced by small and medium-sized enterprises, and the products are basically concentrated in medium and low-grade environmental monitoring instruments, which are far from meeting the needs of the development of environmental monitoring in China. In the process of sample analysis, instruments and equipment will bring errors to the analysis results. First, it comes from the metrological performance of the instrument, such as sensitivity, resolution, etc. If the analytical balance is used to stabilize, the analytical balance itself has a certain accuracy, so there is a certain systematic error. Second, whether the instruments used in the analysis are regularly calibrated and certified, and how the analysts debug and use the instruments will affect the quality of the analysis results

test environment

there are certain requirements for environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, dust, noise, vibration, etc. during the test of samples. For example, formaldehyde buffer solution absorption pararosaniline hydrochloride spectrophotometry (a) used to test the content of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere requires the test temperature to be about 20, but some laboratories cannot guarantee it due to economic conditions, which affects the analysis results

analysis methods

with the deepening of reform and opening up, China has established the framework of the relevant system of environmental monitoring and analysis methods. However, there is no noise; There is no oil pollution in the gradual deepening of monitoring methods, the field of monitoring is constantly expanding, and the form of monitoring is also constantly changing. The environmental monitoring and analysis method system needs to be improved and improved. It is necessary to establish a relatively perfect analysis method, especially the monitoring and analysis method of pollutants, and establish a standard, Chinese style environmental monitoring and analysis method system. The sample analysis method is not unique, and the national standard method or equivalent method should be preferred. Any monitoring method has limitations, such as scope of application, allowable limit, interferents, etc. However, due to the technical level of personnel, economic conditions, experimental environment and other factors, there is a phenomenon of improper selection methods. In addition, some analytical methods are imperfect, which is specifically reflected in the weakness of water quality sampling methods and sample pretreatment methods. Therefore, improper selection of analysis methods will affect the quality of monitoring results

personnel quality

grassroots environmental monitoring is the foundation and important means of environmental protection, providing technical supervision and technical service support for environmental decision-making. The quality of monitoring results will be affected by the operating skills, heart strength and working attitude of environmental monitoring sampling, analysis, quality control and other personnel. The quality of environmental monitoring personnel directly affects the strength of environmental monitoring ability. Nowadays, the grass-roots environmental monitoring departments in China are faced with the general low quality of monitoring personnel, and the business level can not keep up with the needs of environmental protection, which seriously affects the improvement of environmental monitoring efficiency

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