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The world's third largest shield machine assembly in China will excavate the river crossing tunnel of line 7

the world's third largest shield machine assembly in China will excavate the river crossing tunnel of line 7

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recently, the author learned from Wuhan Metro group that the shield machine parts will be used to excavate the river crossing tunnel of line 7, It has recently arrived in Han for assembly. Before May Day this year, the world's third largest shield machine will officially start the river crossing excavation

as the third metro line across the Yangtze River in Wuhan's planning, line 7 is also the first river crossing tunnel and the largest river crossing tunnel jointly built by highway and railway in China. In order to meet the needs of simultaneous driving of tunnel and subway, line 7 has specially ordered two shield machines from German Herrick Co., Ltd. for river tunnel excavation. The customized shield machine has a diameter of 15.76 meters, ranking third in the world after the shield machines in Tunmen, Hong Kong and Seattle, USA. Since December last year, various parts of the shield machine have arrived in Han. At present, the construction party is assembling them in the Wuchang working shaft. It is expected that the assembly, commissioning and other preparations of one shield machine will be completed before the "May Day" this year, and the excavation will be officially started, while the other will start around June

it is understood that compared with the previous metro lines 2, 4 and the Yangtze River tunnel, line 7 is more difficult. Wangzhihua, project manager of Sanyang Road River Crossing Tunnel of line 7, told Wuhan Evening News that the diameter of the former river crossing tunnel shield machine with the advantages of stable performance, stable operation and low noise of all systems is generally 6.7 meters. This time, the direct "overweight" has more than doubled, and the construction difficulty has increased geometrically. In addition, due to the large diameter, the amount of excavated soil increases more, which also increases the pressure on the construction period. According to the preliminary calculation, the two shield machines of the river crossing tunnel of line 7 need to excavate a total of 1.1 million cubic meters of soil, which can be filled with more than 15000 train skins. The excavation period of a single tunnel is about 12 months

the first phase of Metro Line 7, with a total length of 30.85 km, starts from Dongfang Macheng, crosses the Yangtze River from Sanyang Road, passes through Wuchang railway station, and ends at Yezhi lake. Among them, the tunnel under the river is 2.59km long, which is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer has two-way 6-lane cars. Generally, there are 2 (5) sets of spare speed change gears, and the lower layer runs the subway. After the completion of the whole line in the future, it will connect the central business district and Wuchang Binjiang business district in the city

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