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Application of Zhenbang water-based fluorocarbon paint in building coating application of Zhenbang water-based fluorocarbon paint in building coating March 8, 2004 Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the varieties and properties of Zhenbang water-based fluorocarbon paint, as well as the coating scheme and construction process of cement walls of internal and external walls of buildings, and lists some typical engineering examples, It is pointed out that the development prospect of the application of water-based fluorocarbon paint in architectural field instead of ordinary water-based emulsion paint

key words: the concept of environmental protection of Zhenbang water is easy to get everyone's good sensibility fluorocarbon paint architectural coating

I. preface

since the 1990s, with the rapid development of the national economy, the real estate construction industry has been growing at a high speed and heating up continuously, which makes it easy to construct and apply, with low VOC content, environmental protection, safety and health, bright colors and moderate prices Styrene acrylate polymer lotion and pure acrylate polymer lotion as film-forming materials and water as dispersant have been widely used in the decorative coating of interior and exterior walls of buildings. But it also has some defects: poor durability and weather resistance; Because its surface is rough; Easy to be contaminated by dust and difficult to be washed off; And the chemical resistance is poor. Therefore, people put forward higher requirements for architectural coatings, that is, exterior wall coatings should not only meet some of the above excellent properties, but also meet the requirements of high weather resistance, pollution resistance and chemical resistance (the ability to resist acid rain in the atmosphere); The interior wall coating to reduce fuel consumption and emissions is developing to a healthy and functional type. At the same time, the state has also issued a series of industrial support policies in recent years to support the development of high-performance coating industry, and encourage the coating industry to develop in the direction of low energy consumption, low VOC emission, environmental protection and health, non-toxic and harmless, excellent weather resistance (durability) and functional compounding

as we all know, fluorine is the element with the largest electronegativity and the smallest atomic radius except for the hydrogen atom among the known elements. Therefore, the bond energy between fluorine and carbon is large and the spacing is small. The organic polymer compounds formed are stable, chemical resistant and difficult to decompose. People make use of these excellent properties to make coatings. For example, the "TEFLON" heat-resistant non stick coating made of PTFE can be applied to kitchenware (non stick pot), roller of copier, etc; The architectural coating made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is mainly applied to the coating of aluminum-plastic curtain wall panels. The paint film remains as bright as new after more than 30 years of exposure under natural conditions; In order to overcome the limitation that the two coatings must be baked at high temperature during film formation, a solvent type room temperature curing fluorocarbon paint made of FEVE (vinyl ether tetracopolymer with trifluoroethylene as the main body) resin has been prepared. Its excellent weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high decoration, good self-cleaning performance, etc. have been widely recognized in the industry. In Marine Engineering (such as oil drilling platforms, sea crossing bridges, etc.), petrochemical Anti corrosion engineering (pipeline, storage tank) and other fields have been widely used; However, due to the price, the application in the construction field was limited to some high-end and high-rise buildings such as Shangri La interlocking hotel before the industrialization of Zhenbang fluorocarbon paint; After the industrialization of Zhenbang fluorocarbon paint, after years of vigorous promotion and operation, the application of fluorocarbon paint in the construction field has been widely developed, but it is still difficult to fully replace the application of water-based emulsion paint in residential areas and other common construction fields; Because it is a solvent type, it can not be widely applied to the interior wall coating of residential buildings. In this situation, waterborne fluorocarbon paint came into being. In November, 2003, after years of intensive work, the national torch plan and Dalian Science and technology plan project "research and development of water-based fluorocoatings" undertaken and completed by Dalian Zhenbang fluorocoatings Co., Ltd. passed the signing review organized by Dalian Science and Technology Bureau. Today, Zhenbang has established a complete production line of waterborne fluorocarbon resin (lotion) and waterborne fluorocarbon paint, forming a large-scale production capacity with industrial scale, variety diversification and function serialization

II. Introduction to varieties and performance

(I) classification

Zhenbang water-based fluorocarbon paint is a series of products. Its varieties are divided into:

1. According to the purpose: there are external wall water-based fluorocarbon paint, which is mainly used for decorative coating of building external wall cement wall; There is water-based fluorocarbon paint for interior wall, which is mainly used for cement wall coating of interior walls of schools, hotels, hospitals and residential houses

2. According to the manufacturing process, packaging and film-forming mechanism, it is divided into two types: two-component waterborne fluorocarbon paint and one component waterborne fluorocarbon paint

3. According to the function, it is divided into three types (all of which are internal wall water-based fluorocarbon paint): general purpose type, sterilization type and negative ion release health type

(II). Introduction to varieties and functions

1. Two component waterborne fluorocarbon paint: on the basis of solvent based fluorocarbon resin (FEVE), the aqueous fluorocarbon resin (lotion) is generated through phase inversion process (post emulsification method), and appropriate pigments, fillers, various additives, etc. are added to make component a; When in use, it is mixed with a certain proportion of curing agent component B and applied to the surface of the coating. After the water dispersant evaporates, the two components a and B undergo cross-linking reaction (the same as the two-component solvent based fluorocarbon paint) and solidify into a film, which is called two-component waterborne fluorocarbon paint. Therefore, components a and B must be packed separately before use. Its properties include:

(1) good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, decoration and self-cleaning: the waterborne fluorocarbon paint obtained by post emulsification method retains the characteristics of solvent based two-component fluorocarbon paint to the greatest extent because it is also a film formed by cross-linking curing reaction, and has good appearance effects such as film gloss and fullness

(2) good air permeability (from the inside to the outside): compared with solvent based fluorocarbon paint, in the coating of internal and external walls of buildings, the requirements for the moisture content of the substrate are relatively low; In addition, for some wet places, such as the building wall under the windowsill on the first floor, it is China's basic national policy to save resources. Capillary seepage will occur. If solvent type is used, it is easy to produce foaming, while water-based fluorocarbon paint is not easy to produce foaming

(3) convenient and safe construction and application: as it is a water-based fluorocarbon paint, the requirements for the flatness of the base surface are lower than that of the solvent based fluorocarbon paint, and there are no special requirements for the coating methods and skills. It can be constructed by using the ordinary brush and roll coating method; The use of water as a dispersant not only greatly facilitates the construction, but also reduces the expected rate of return by 7%. Can it be realized? How? The "game" has not ended the fire safety level requirements

(4) environmental protection and health: VOC content is very low, which meets the national environmental protection quality standards. It is an environment-friendly product, which is not only conducive to health and environmental protection, but also avoids a lot of resource waste (solvent volatilization)

2. One component waterborne fluorocarbon paint: the lotion is directly polymerized from cf113 and vinyl ether ester and other monomers, added with pigments, fillers and various additives, and coated on the surface of the coating with water as the dispersant. After the water evaporates, the lotion particles squeeze and gather with each other to form a film. It is called one component waterborne fluorocarbon paint, and its packaging is also one component. Compared with the two-component waterborne fluorocarbon paint, the single component waterborne fluorocarbon paint has the following characteristics:

(1) more direct manufacturing: due to the direct synthesis of lotion, the solvent evaporation and utilization processes are reduced, the process is advanced, and the production cost is reduced

(2) simpler construction and application: because it is a single component, there is no trouble in mixing materials and paint, and there is no limit on the available time, so it is more convenient to use; The requirements for the moisture content and flatness of the base surface are the same as those for ordinary water-based emulsion paint (of course, in order to increase the decorative property, the effect of applying putty for leveling is better); The common rolling coating method can be used for large-area construction

(3) better air permeability: due to the accumulation of macromolecular particles, the air permeability is better (from the inside to the outside); VOC content is lower, which is more conducive to environmental protection and health. It can be made into not only exterior wall paint, but also interior wall paint

III. construction application

the construction and application of water-based fluorocarbon paint is very simple and convenient. It is basically the same as that of ordinary water-based emulsion paint:

(I) building exterior wall coating

1. Base surface treatment and requirements:

(1) the wall and cement mortar wall shall be fully cured and dried. Generally, the time in summer is more than 4 weeks, and the time in winter is doubled, so that the water and alkali in the wall can be fully analyzed, and the water content is below 10%, PH value of wall

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