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The application of weighing and information technology in the meat industry in recent years, the rapid development of the meat industry not only provides many opportunities for traditional weighing equipment, but also puts forward newer and higher requirements in the application of information technology. As a well-known weighing and analytical instrument supplier in the world, Mettler Toledo (China) Co., Ltd. specially launched professional solutions for the needs of the industry to help the leaders in the meat industry respond to the market faster, meet the needs of consumers and continuously enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise. This overall solution covering the whole process not only combines Mettler Toledo's mature experience in many fields, but also can meet personalized needs

efficient information management and reliable safety traceability

electronic weighing equipment has been widely used in factories in the meat industry to record the input and output of each production link. We can often see situations such as manual reading, manual recording and manual summarization. The existing problems are as follows: the operators complain about repeated work, which is not only inefficient, but also easy to make mistakes; The management of the enterprise is still unable to get the statistical data in time in the face of many scattered forms. Because in addition to the production data of this process similar to the meat yield, we also need to accept the product safety information from the previous process or even the breeding base, such as origin and variety; The decision-makers are also questioning that there is a ready-made information database in the retail sector, and the query and statistics are very convenient and fast. Why can't a production phase be copied by reference

there is a clear market demand implied in the query of the enterprise's boss. In the process of processing students and actively expanding their use fields, production links need information-based means to replace the current manual operation, but ordinary personal computers that can be normally used in the commercial environment often cannot be normally used in the humid and harsh industrial environment

Mettler Toledo's network weighing scheme can well solve this problem: the specially designed washable industrial scale platform and T800 instrument have good dust and water resistance, and are fully qualified for the severe environmental test. The instrument display screen can be personalized designed according to the specific process requirements of the enterprise. The scanning gun can input product information, and the barcode printer can output product labels. The system can not only collect and transmit weight data, but also carry product safety traceability information, which can be instantly transmitted to the central information center through the Ethernet interface. The management's reports can also be refreshed and adjusted synchronously. Based on real-time and accurate dynamic data, the enterprise's decision-making is more scientific

the mysterious and complex formula is saved by the system, automatically downloaded when weighing ingredients, and automatically prompts the operator to add ingredients to ensure the consistency of quality and taste. Control the use of raw materials in the whole process to avoid human error and waste

the data is saved in the system and can be queried and traced at any time. Even accidental health and safety accidents can be traced back to suspicious products quickly, and the risk can be controlled within a limited batch range, without destroying or sealing all the products leaving the factory. Limit the loss of the enterprise to the minimum, and effectively protect the interests of consumers and the brand reputation of the enterprise

high speed automatic pre packaging system, timely delivery of fresh food

nowadays, consumers' places to buy meat food are increasingly concentrated in chain supermarkets and other advanced retail terminals, because unreasonable charges are common in stores. On the other hand, the independent chain stores once favored by large meat enterprises have greatly reduced their profits due to high fixed costs. Many meat enterprises have keenly realized that in order to break through the bottleneck of sustainable development, they must adjust their strategies, combine their own advantages, concentrate their limited resources on the processing and logistics links they are best at, and carry out win-win cooperation to jointly build a safe, unified and complete meat low-temperature industrial chain

Mettler Toledo's automatic packaging, weighing and labeling system for fresh food is a high-speed pre packaging equipment specially designed for modern large-scale food processing and distribution enterprises, which can form a continuous large-scale automatic production line

centralized and continuous operation in a reliable cold chain environment greatly simplifies the production process and improves the production efficiency; Shorten the processing of fresh products, reduce exposure and pollution opportunities, and ensure more stable food hygiene and safety; At the same time, it can significantly reduce the cost of manpower, site, consumables and other aspects of the enterprise. Help enterprises give full play to the advantages of specialization and scale, rapidly expand the coverage of brands and industrial scale, and enhance their competitive advantage. Gain more market share and faster return on investment with lower operating cost, faster corresponding speed and larger sales radius

in Europe and the United States, where the food processing and circulation are the most developed and the division of labor is the most professional, this scheme has won universal recognition and respect for its outstanding competitive advantages. Now it will also spare no effort for the industrial upgrading of China's modern fresh food logistics industry and the establishment and improvement of the food safety system

100% control of safety quality, fast, convenient and accurate

during the process of epidemic prevention injection for poultry and livestock products, there will be accidental needle breaks left on the products. If they are not removed in the process of slaughtering and processing, they will cause food pollution accidents, which may bring high economic claims, and seriously affect the reputation and image of the enterprise after the action of light, heat and oxygen. Similar metal foreign matters, as well as hairpins, pins, paper clips, coins, gadgets, broken blades, etc. accidentally brought in during processing and maintenance, are physical malignant impurities, which are extremely dangerous in meat enterprises

the Safeline brand gold detection equipment provided by METTLER TOLEDO contains precise zmfz patented technology to ensure professional detection standards; High grade semi-automatic impact testing machine coupling coil and precise digital circuit design ensure that the system has the highest detection accuracy and stability at the same time; It can also be detected normally in a narrow installation space. The waterproof and moisture-proof design is especially suitable for the meat industry under repeated washing conditions


after a wide range of industrial applications and tests in various environments, METTLER TOLEDO's overall plan for the meat industry has become the standard configuration of the industry in foreign countries and the best choice for many international advanced integrators, including Stork in the Netherlands, SFK in Denmark and CSB in Germany, It has also been recognized by many leading meat enterprises in China:

"our enterprise is implementing the ERP system. MT's scheme provides a very convenient and practical data interface for our ERP system, and the instrument operation interface can be designed according to the specific situation of our production process, truly meeting the personalized process needs."

-- Libinghe, chairman of Inner Mongolia Saifeiya group, "our company produces mutton according to the strict safety standards of Australia. MT system not only meets the requirements of traceability safety system, but also adapts to the characteristics of modern retail and logistics distribution, truly representing the most advanced international professional level."

-- zhangzhiyang, general manager of Xuzhou Aohua meat Co., Ltd.

Jiao Yijun of Mettler Toledo (China) Company

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