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Application of virtual reality technology in industrial control

Abstract: This paper introduces the application of virtual reality technology in industrial control by using WTK software and vc++ language

key words: virtual reality wtk

abstract this paper discussions and analyzes the implementation of virtual reality on industrial control through WTK and vc++ language

keywords virtual reality wtk

0 introduction, It can provide a good user development interface and simple use method in a flexible and diverse configuration mode (rather than programming mode). Various software modules with preset values can easily realize and complete various functions of the monitoring layer, and can support computers and i/o equipment of various hardware manufacturers. Combined with highly reliable industrial control computers and network systems, it can provide all interfaces of software and hardware to the control layer and management layer, System integration. As a software platform tool with user customizable functions, configuration software has developed with the maturity of distributed control system (DCS) and computer control technology. At present, automation products show the development trend of intelligence, miniaturization, networking, pcization and low cost, and have gradually formed various standard network structures and hardware specifications. This makes the "horizontal" and "vertical" integration of automation systems easier. Monitoring configuration software has become a link and bridge among them, and is an important part of automation system

after years of continuous exploration and development, China has made considerable achievements in the field of intelligent buildings, with a high degree of intelligence. Its products have reached a high level in system real-time, reliability and security. At the same time, breakthrough progress has been made in the display of monitoring interface, generation of report/trend chart, management of real-time data, real-time data transmission with field controller, remote monitoring, intelligent control (expert control) and other aspects, and the development is becoming more and more mature. Xi'an synergy, Beijing 3D force control and other manufacturers of configuration software have emerged. Although their products can not be compared with foreign well-known products, But to some extent, it represents the development status of domestic intelligent monitoring system. For example, 3D force control is a scheme oriented hmi/scada platform software. Based on the popular 32-bit windows platform, it has rich i/o driver interfaces and can connect various field devices. Distributed real-time database system can provide a common access to plant and enterprise system data. The network service program with built-in tcp/ip protocol enables users to make full use of the network resources of intranet or Internet

although the current automatic control system has more powerful functions, it is a pity that the monitoring interfaces of the mature systems are all two-dimensional graphical interface systems. With the development of virtual reality technology, real-time and completely realistic 3D animation display will be an important development direction

1 virtual reality technology

virtual reality (VR technology for short) is a new comprehensive information technology rising at the end of the 20th century. It integrates digital image processing and computer graphics. Its flame retardant technology development level is not only in the forefront of the industry in China, but also the latest development achievements of many information technology branches, such as artificial intelligence, multimedia technology, sensor, network and parallel processing technology. It provides strong support for creating and experiencing the virtual world, thus greatly promoting the development of computer technology. The characteristic of VR technology is that a kind of artificial virtual environment is generated by the computer. This virtual environment is a three-dimensional space formed by the computer, or other real environments are compiled into the computer to generate a realistic "virtual environment", so that users can be immersed in the virtual environment in their senses. The main purpose of the virtual environment is: the tensile machine is used to stop stretching, tightening, bending, cutting, and The feeling of mechanical force applied for peeling and other mechanical property experiments

the real-time three-dimensional space expression ability of virtual reality technology, the man-machine interactive operating environment and the immersive feeling it brings to people will change the boring, stiff and passive situation between people and computers. It not only creates a new research field for human-computer interaction interface, provides a new interface tool for the application of intelligent engineering, and provides a new description method for large-scale data visualization of various projects, but also provides great convenience for people to explore the macro world and micro world, as well as the movement and change laws of things that are not easy to observe directly for various reasons

the virtual reality system we developed is a table type non immersive virtual reality system. The interaction between users and the virtual environment uses a mouse and keyboard. The difference between the industrial control configuration software based on virtual reality technology and the existing configuration software in China lies in:

① the fidelity of field simulation is different. Virtual reality technology simulates the environment and objects of the scene. The shape and material properties of all objects on site, as well as the lighting and dust in the environment can be displayed on the monitoring interface, and all parts of 3D objects can be browsed and viewed. Because the existing systems are two-dimensional interfaces, the expression of field objects is mainly displayed in graphics, either in bitmap format or in vector graphics. Although vector image format has many advantages over bitmap format, such as no distortion of image when zooming, small storage space, etc., its function is not worth mentioning compared with 3D object expression

② different ways to browse the scene. Virtual reality aims to provide users with a completely realistic virtual scene. Users' operations in this virtual scene are the same as those in real life. They can see all parts of the object, such as the front, back, left and right, and can manipulate all objects in the virtual scene. At present, the browsing operation under the two-dimensional interface is only to observe a picture interface, which is monotonous and boring

③ different functions. Compared with the above two features, this feature is the most valuable. The new industrial automatic control system is not flashy. In addition to all the functions of the current system, it also has the most important function of training and guidance. You can browse all the site conditions and each control object without leaving home

the design of virtual scene modeling tools is a complex task, and it is difficult to develop modeling tools. Therefore, 3ds max, the most popular virtual scene modeling tool in the market, is selected as the virtual scene modeling tool. 3ds Max is a powerful 3D design software package launched by Autodesk company in the United States, and it is also a virtual reality technology application software with the largest sales in the world. It integrates 3D modeling, material production, light setting, camera use, animation setting and rendering output, and provides a comprehensive and complete solution for 3D animation and static rendering. Therefore, 3DS MAX software has been widely used in many industries around the world, such as graphic design, machinery manufacturing, architectural decoration, indoor and outdoor environment design, military science and technology simulation, accident analysis, scientific research and education, film and television entertainment, etc. Based on the above reasons, we choose 3DS MAX software as the virtual reality modeling software. However, 3DS MAX software is not a virtual reality modeling software specifically for the industrial control field after all. It needs to correlate the real-time data on site with the model objects in the virtual scene, so that the content of the virtual scene can be updated according to the on-site sensor data. This requires that the 3ds Max environment has the data configuration function. In addition, considering the complexity of 3ds Max scene modeling process, we have designed some plug-ins for making 3ds Max industrial control objects

sen California electric bicycle expert Alta motors is a leading manufacturer of such devices. The WTK virtual reality software development kit of sor8 company is a concise cross platform software development system, which can be used to establish high-performance, real-time and comprehensive three-dimensional projects in scientific and commercial fields. WTK has powerful functions and end-user tools that can be used to establish, manage and commercialize projects. WTK provides users with a complete interactive development platform for 3D virtual environment in the form of c/c++ plug-in platform. WTK provides users with more than 1000 library functions based on C language code, which can be called directly in the program. At the same time, WTK provides users with a high-level application software development interface with the help of OpenGL's low-level graphics functions. WTK can be directly embedded into its own application program as an external library for the development of 3D virtual reality applications. Therefore, we use WTK as the scene browsing development platform

2 WTK virtual environment synthesis and simulation management

wtk is organized according to an object-oriented naming method. Its main function classes are composed of "universe", "object", "polygon", "vertex", "path", "sensor", "viewpoint", "light source", "portal" and "animation". From a hierarchical perspective, "universe" is the highest level class. In a WTK virtual environment, only one "universe" is active. The universe contains all objects in the virtual environment and is maintained by a "simulation manager" within WTK. By introducing 3D objects made by external tools and using embedded WTK library functions in vc++ programs, the compilation and testing of WTK virtual environment can be realized

the simulation manager is the most important part of WTK, which controls the execution of processes in the virtual environment. Figure 1 shows the flow of a simulation cycle. Events in the virtual environment can be controlled through specific action functions. In the simulation cycle, each object can execute task functions

Figure 1 WTK simulation management program

3 application of virtual reality in industrial control

the difference between virtual reality in industrial control and other virtual reality systems is that in addition to interacting with users, it also interacts with on-site real-time databases. When the state of the scene changes, users can see the change of the model state matching the scene through roaming in the virtual environment, or when users want to change the state of the scene, they can click the model in the virtual environment with the mouse. It not only needs to exchange data with field devices at any time, but also can change the virtual scene in real time according to the field returned data. Therefore, the overall structure of the industrial control software we need to execute is shown in Figure 2

Figure 2 virtual reality configuration software operation module

the development language used in this scheme is vc++ Net and WTK engine. The following focuses on the important scene configuration and scene browsing in WTK development

3.1 scene configuration

the 3D scene production software used by the system is 3D max. plug ins for some industrial objects are made in 3D Max to generate virtual scenes, and then the 3D scenes are imported by using the import function of WTK. The industrial control object shown in Figure 3 is a plug-in added to 3DMAX for the needs of industrial control

Figure 3 Dmax modeling interface figure

3.2 scene browsing

3.2.1 scene generation

switch/alarm to be made with 3D Max

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