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Application of wallboard tooling in the welding of crawler crane boom (2)

3 application characteristics of wallboard tooling

(1) using wallboard tooling, you can weld booms of different lengths by electrically adjusting the distance between two wallboards. By installing different supports on the wallboards, you can complete the welding of booms of 55 ~ 500 t series products, which is highly versatile and greatly reduces the investment of tooling

(2) since the boom of crawler crane is relatively long, and the experts from the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA) will first interpret the "Introduction to industry 4.0 and industry standards" for its large section size and high requirements for various geometric tolerances, it is necessary to input a two axis rail machining center with an effective machining length of more than 12 m and apply wall panel tooling after the completion of welding, It can ensure the relevant size requirements without machining after the completion of butt welding and reduce the investment of equipment

(3) the wall panel tooling is designed with a positioning device, which can quickly replace the support, complete the welding of different types of jibs (truss structure), and improve the welding efficiency

(4) the wall panel tooling does not need to re measure the tooling after moving the mobile trolley 3 when splicing and welding boom frames of different lengths by pre adjusting the track straightness, parallelism, wall panel perpendicularity and other dimensions and geometric tolerance requirements

(5) since the boom of crawler crane needs to be removed frequently, and boom combinations of different lengths are required to meet the use requirements, the application of wallboard tooling can well ensure the size and form and position tolerance of the boom, and ensure that the boom has good interchangeability in assembly with different loading requirements

4 conclusion

the results show that the application of wallboard tooling in the welding of crawler crane boom has greatly improved the quality and production efficiency of the boom, while few domestic enterprises that can produce similar qualified products have reduced the manufacturing cost of the boom; It solves the problem that the traditional platform welding boom can not guarantee the spatial dimension and geometric tolerance of the boom

the tooling adopts the method of processing each part to the final size before welding, which greatly saves the processing cost of the workpiece; The tooling can be applied to the manufacturing of the boom of each crawler crane product, which reduces the input quantity of tooling and saves the manufacturing cost of the boom. One tooling can weld two booms at the same time, which improves the work efficiency, effectively reduces the manufacturing cost of the product and improves the profitability of the product

through the application of wall panel tooling in the welding of crawler crane boom, the company has realized the self-made crawler crane boom, mastered the core technology of boom manufacturing, and reduced the procurement cost. Now the wall panel tooling has been mature and applied to the production and manufacturing of the company's existing products, which has played a good supporting role in the manufacturing of the company's super large tonnage crawler crane with strain gauge pasted on the surface of elastic components

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