Wanshida Shengshi manor new Chinese Zen joy

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Appreciate the traces of nature in wood and stone, feel the inner ripples in the emptiness and complexity, and then enjoy Zen and Zen

new Chinese style

is a combination of traditional Chinese elements

and modern background techniques

, using

simplify and simplify, and take its essence

elegant charm, remote artistic conception

look at it calmly, live it quietly and naturally

layout, spacious Zhongzheng

Space pays attention to the level

the screen is placed behind the sofa

feng shui theory means "there is a backer"

the use of open modern space techniques

makes the space bright and bright

gives people a sense of open and decent fashion

the "Quietness" of this space

not only refers to sound insulation and quietness

but also refers to the design in color


give people a sense of tranquility Elegant feeling

the study connects with the tea room

simple and lively color system


taste a cup of tea

read a good book

you will be in a pure land in a complex city

the delicious food feast not only needs delicious food

but also a beautiful environment and unique interest

and the new Chinese restaurant for Chinese people

it seems to have more "flavor"

New Chinese style cabinets

give people an oriental aesthetic charm

cooperate with modern kitchenware

let the two get a clever integration

form a sense of integration between ancient and modern

Chinese style and fashion

pursue pragmatism

the wardrobe is mainly storage

the space design line is smooth

the design of the wardrobe to the top increases the space

and enhance the aesthetic feeling of space

the new Chinese wine cabinet has exquisite and elegant color matching

full of charm and fashionable atmosphere

with sweet wine

after leisure, it's very pleasant to have a drink

think about it

the atmosphere of the whole bedroom is elegant and there is no lack of fashion

it gives people a sense of tranquility and distance

put down your body and mind and enjoy the slow pace of life

this is our ideal place to rest





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