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Foshan Meike Wooden Door Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of raw wood doors; Professionally build "health, top grade" "Original wooden door.

the famous home furnishing brand Meike wooden door enlarges the move. Wooden doors, cabinets and wardrobes are the second best in the city.

there are many kinds of wooden doors, and we always have a lot of hesitation and questions when choosing. Then, how to choose our own wooden door?

common sense of wooden doors should be understood

when choosing wooden doors, you can first search relevant information on the Internet to have a preliminary understanding of wooden doors in your mind. For the same style . wooden doors of the same brand should be comprehensively considered and compared in terms of quality, price and service. There are many styles and good quality. Most people in Foshan choose Meike wooden doors, which can be considered

choose brand wooden doors

choose the home market certified by the consumer association or trusted by after-sales service, which will provide a good guarantee for the problems of wooden doors in the future

Meike wooden doors, purchase modern and advanced woodworking equipment, ensure that products are shipped within the commitment period, and improve after-sales service, completely solve the problem of consumers' aftercare

matching decoration style

you can't ignore the decoration style of your home because the wooden door is beautiful, otherwise it will be a little out of sorts after you buy it back and install it. First of all, we should clarify the style of the overall decoration design and choose the matching doors and windows. Then determine its use function according to the place of use

Meike wooden door designs and produces wooden door products that are different from the market, endowing each door with the soul and making each product unique

choose environmentally friendly wooden doors

harmful substances produced by wooden doors mainly come from man-made wooden plates and paint coatings. When purchasing wooden doors, we should understand that the environmental protection index is formaldehyde emission. No formaldehyde pollutants are released. Wooden doors with the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti moth, sound insulation, heat preservation, flame retardance, etc. are preferred. They feel warm and emit the fragrance of wood, which can ensure the health of their families

Meike wooden door insists on only making green and environmental protection products and quality first. Professional quality inspectors are arranged for each production process to ensure that there are no quality problems in every door leaving the factory

Foshan Meike Wooden Door Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of raw wood doors; Professionally build "healthy, top-grade" raw wood doors.

contact number: 18666356606

address: tanzhenzhong a, Tancun Industrial Zone, Yongan, Guanyao, Nanhai District, Foshan City





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